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Business Profile: Bill Gassett generates maximum exposure for home sellers

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Business, Featured

Bill Gassett

Bill Gassett has been one of Massachusetts’ top RE/MAX real estate agents for the past 20 years.

As the son of a longtime Hopkinton builder, Bill Gassett isn’t surprised he ended up in real estate — even if he resisted his dad’s nudging in the beginning. “It was 1986, and my father suggested I get a real estate license. I was a freshman at Northeastern, and the last thing I wanted to do was more schooling in the summer,” he shares, “but I ended up taking the course, and I loved it.”

Today, Gassett is one of the top RE/MAX agents in Massachusetts, serving Hopkinton and communities across the MetroWest area. “Here I am 37 years later, and I still enjoy it,” he says.

Although he works with both residential buyers and sellers, Gassett says selling is his specialty, given his affinity for the marketing side of real estate. He’s also passionate about educating the public on the ins and outs of home buying and selling, which he does through his blog and as a guest writer for national websites. “I started my blog, and it really took off,” Gassett shares. “My site is one of the most visited real estate websites in Massachusetts, averaging a little over 120,000 visits a month. I’ve also got quite a following across all the major social networks.”

Gassett’s marketing skills have been an asset not only for his brand but also for meeting his clients’ goals. “Sellers don’t have to worry about a lack of exposure when they list their property with me,” he says. “I set up strategies to put clients’ houses in the best position to get the most money.”

One of Gassett’s strategies is to arrange “deferred showings,” which is “absolutely the number one thing that any seller should consider doing in a market like this,” he says. Most agents start showings immediately after listing a property, Gassett says, which is “a big mistake.”

In the current environment, a house could be on the market in the morning and have showings and offers by the afternoon. “Most sellers, not understanding how good the market is,” Gassett explains, “could look at the offer and say, ‘OK, well, they offered over asking price; that’s pretty much what I thought I was going to get,’ and they accept the offer — not realizing that there could be other buyers with much better terms.”

Instead, Gassett defers showings on every listing, meaning that if he lists a house on Monday, for example, showings might not start until Thursday, and the seller will not consider an offer until the following Monday. “It dramatically increases the odds that there are going to be a lot more offers,” he says. “More offers equals better terms — not only in price but with buyers waiving inspections, paying in cash and being flexible on move-in dates.”

The results speak for themselves: “Of the houses I’ve listed over the past five to six years, probably 99% of them have had multiple offers and sold way over the asking price,” Gassett says.

To learn more, call 508-509-4867, email billgassett@remaxexec.com or visit maxrealestateexposure.com.

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