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Business Profile: Century 21 Marathon opens office on West Main Street

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Business, Featured

James Burton

James Burton has been in the real estate industry for 15 years.

James Burton, the owner and broker of Century 21 Marathon, is a top producer in the real estate industry, but he’s also at the peak when it comes to professional development. “Since 2019, I’ve completed 24 realtor designations and certifications, which is the second or third highest accumulation in the entire country,” he says. “I am into education, learning and growth — not just growth in business but growth personally and professionally.”

After running out of professional courses to take, Burton is moving on to training classes this summer in order to become a real estate instructor. “That’s the next evolution for me,” he explains. “I’ll be able to teach classes online, which is a great way to brand and get my message out there.”

Locals may recognize Burton from his signature bright yellow Jeep, which features prominently in his ads and is readily spotted around town. Branding is a major part of Burton’s business, formerly known as Marathon Real Estate, and one of the reasons he purchased a Century 21 franchise last December.

“Century 21 brings an extra level of awareness because it’s the largest international brand, and we are a diverse community,” Burton says. “There are a lot of Century 21 offices in Europe and Asia. So the brand recognition in itself is driving business for me as a top producer, and I’m continuing to recruit agents to help them take advantage of the opportunity for international referrals as well.”

With a broker’s license valid in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, Burton’s range is vast, and he has “seen it all” when it comes to real estate. As a disabled army veteran with a VA loan himself, Burton is well equipped to work with other VA loan clients (150 of them so far), and he also frequently guides first-time home buyers through an often daunting process. “Getting people into their first home, that’s one of the most rewarding things about my job,” Burton says.

Burton’s new office is located at 77 West Main Street, where he serves as “manager, owner, CEO, admin, relocation director — I am everything, basically.” Located across from Dunkin’ Donuts and right next to Interstate 495, Burton’s office is “probably the most accessible in town,” he says, plus there’s ample parking and a latte machine.

Burton lives in Hopkinton and currently is building a house on Ash Street. He’s also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

“The way I explain the real estate process to clients is that it’s like those old-school, classic watches with all the gears inside,” Burton says. “My job is to keep all those gears turning quickly and to build in margins of error for everything so that if something happens, you have extra time on the back end.”

For more information, call 617-549-5024, email james@c21marathon.com or drop by the Century 21 Marathon office and enjoy a latte with Burton.

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