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Business Profile: Platinum Physical Therapy grows to serve more patients

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Business, Featured

Platinum Physical Therapy

Platinum Physical Therapy’s Hopkinton team includes (from left) Christian Navarro, Lindsey Maher, Julianne Rickert, Courtney Cappadona, Kelly Williamson and Kim Bolick.

Platinum Physical Therapy has added another physical therapist to its Hopkinton team and recently debuted a fourth location in Maynard. The clinic, which also has offices in Ashland and Milford, is growing to meet the increased demand for physical therapy services, particularly as people return to their delayed wellness goals.

“Over the last couple of years, we saw a lot of surgeries being postponed due to COVID-19, and people put off addressing other health issues as well,” explains Courtney Cappadona, one of Platinum’s physical therapists and the Hopkinton clinic manager. “Now, people are taking care of their health again and getting back into their fitness routines.”

As a student at Simmons College, Cappadona says she had a “huge passion for health, wellness and fitness,” and she knew that she “didn’t want to sit at a desk or computer all day,” so the school’s physical therapy program was an ideal fit. Upon graduation, Cappadona began working at Platinum Physical Therapy, and after six years with the clinic, she says she “can’t even imagine leaving.”

“At the Hopkinton clinic, we’ve all become a family,” she says. “We genuinely love each other and hang out outside of work. We are focused on our patients, and they are our number one priority, but we’re also always checking in with each other and having fun because it’s a long day if you’re not able to laugh with each other.”

Relationship-building is paramount to patient success as well.

“Patients turn into family, too,” Cappadona says. “We see them consistently for weeks and get to learn about their lives, hobbies and careers. This builds a whole picture where we can connect the dots and say, ‘Oh, that’s what you want to be doing? OK, let’s change your plan to mirror that.’ Life stressors can play a significant role in pain, too, so being able to talk openly about issues allows us to build trust and ultimately reach patients’ health goals.”

Platinum offers 40-minute, one-on-one treatment sessions to address a wide range of pain and mobility issues and also offers services like dry needling, cupping, kinesio taping, fall prevention and running gait analysis. Platinum also is one of the only local clinics that does not use aides, assistants or techs for patient care. Patients typically work with the same therapist through their entire care plan, Cappadona says, “so that gives us a better eye on their progress.”

For Cappadona, one of the highlights of her job is treating patients who had thrown in the towel and then witnessing their remarkable recoveries. One recent patient was on medication for chronic back pain and hadn’t found much success with previous physical therapy.

“Within weeks of working together, he was cutting back on his meds and back at the gym doing strength training that he hadn’t done in years,” she shares.

“When a patient comes in thinking, ‘Oh, there’s nothing you can do. I’m kind of a lost cause,’ that’s when we go, ‘OK, challenge accepted.’ That’s where we thrive.”

To learn more, visit platinumptma.com or call 508-544-1540.

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