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Business Profile: Skin Smart Salon unveils healthy skin, client confidence

by | Sep 27, 2023 | Business, Featured

Lisa Massimiano

Lisa Massimiano is the owner of Skin Smart Salon and a licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist.

A woman in her 40s who avoids mirrors, a teen who grows bangs to hide his forehead, a new mom without time to care for herself — Lisa Massimiano sees a wide range of clients at Skin Smart Salon, but they all share the same goal: to be confident in their skin.

Massimiano is an experienced licensed esthetician and esthetics instructor. An Ashland resident, she opened her salon in Ashland 14 years ago and offers a variety of skin care treatments. Although people visit Massimiano for many different skin care concerns, about 80% of her current clients are seeking help with acne.

Eight years ago, Massimiano began searching for a more effective treatment program for her acne clients. During her research, she came across Face Reality, an acne program based in California.

“I liked what I read about their program,” she says. “It made a lot of sense to me, and I decided to become a certified Face Reality acne specialist in order to begin offering the program at my salon.”

Adds Massimiano: “Acne affects both men and women and can continue to affect people at multiple stages of their life. I see many adults that still struggle with acne.”

The Face Reality program, which includes biweekly treatments and a personalized home care regimen, boasts a 90% success rate, Massimiano says.

“I have clients who come in after being unsuccessful with drugstore products, prescriptions and dermatology visits,” she explains. “They might go to a doctor who gives them a prescription and says, ‘See you in three months.’ That leaves people feeling abandoned, and when they don’t see results, they get frustrated and give up.”

“What I like about the Face Reality program is that we work together as a team,” Massimiano adds. She strongly emphasizes education, making sure clients know how certain lifestyle factors can improve or worsen their progress. “Chronic acne is most often a genetically predetermined condition, and although I tell people they can’t change their DNA, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn how to manage their acne and keep it under control,” she says.

“I think people struggling with acne like this approach because they aren’t left to figure it out on their own. They come in every two weeks initially for a treatment, and I adjust their home care as needed. I also encourage my clients to contact me if they have any questions,” Massimiano explains. “Clients feel they have a support system, which is important because clearing acne is a process, not a quick fix.”

For Massimiano, the commitment required to become a Face Reality specialist has been worth it, as she’s seen hundreds of happy clients. “One woman who came in, for example, was extremely self-conscious and skeptical that I could help her,” Massimiano shares. “We started slowly, and after a few months, she was thrilled with the results and felt so much better about herself. I love the fact that I can help people achieve their goal of clear skin.”

To learn more, visit skinsmartsalon.com or call 508-881-1180.

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