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ConCom approves notice of area resource delineation for Fruit Street property

by | Jan 25, 2022 | News

At its Tuesday night meeting, the Conservation Commission approved area resource delineations for 188 and 190 Fruit Street after the applicant explained that an intermittent stream was found running through the property upon it being surveyed.

Fred King, a wetlands supervisor for surveying and engineering firm DGT Associates, spoke on behalf of Richard Vallarelli, a real estate developer at J & Company. King said that Vallarelli represented the applicant, Rebel Hill.

King explained that the two lots under consideration were undeveloped lots on the golf course property created in 2004. The lots are 1.4 acres and 2.2 acres, respectively. A wetland delineation had been determined in April of last year. King noted that there is a potential vernal pool on the property as well as a potential vernal pool on the property across the road owned by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

“They are not official yet, but they recommended that we have them evaluated,” he said, adding that both qualify as certifiable, which caused the plans for the 125-foot buffer zone to be altered.

“We originally didn’t find that intermittent stream that was off the site,” King continued. “It’s an intermittent runoff that comes down from the golf course.”

Joe Orzel, a wetlands specialist from Lucas Environmental, said he agreed with the adjustments that were made to the plan.

Kim Ciaramicoli, the town’s conservation administrator, noted that now that the buffer zone for the wetland has been properly delineated, it would have to be taken into consideration if any development were to occur. King agreed with that condition.

Hearings continued

Before the hearing, Chair Jeff Barnes noted that three requests were made for hearing continuations. The hearing for the Massachusetts Laborers Training Facility at 37 East Street for pond dredging and a restoration plan was continued until March 1. The hearing for the Parks & Recreation Department’s request for a determination of applicability for a turf field replacement at 66 Fruit Street was pushed back to Feb. 8. The abbreviated notice of resource area delineation for the property at 103 Wood Street also was continued until Feb. 8.

During the meeting, the hearings for the four lots for the Turkey Ridge development located at 35 Lincoln Street and 52 Cedar Street Extension were continued until Feb. 8 after discussion about withdrawing the notices of intent.