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Election: Hopkinton backs Biden by wide margin

by | Nov 4, 2020 | News, Z-Lead Image Front Page

The race for president remained a close one nationally heading into Wednesday morning, but in Hopkinton it was a landslide victory for Democrat Joe Biden. While there are some votes still to be counted — primarily late-arriving mail-in ballots and those that were placed in the drop box at Town Hall on Tuesday — the unofficial results showed Biden with 6,976 votes to 2,936 for incumbent Donald Trump. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen tallied 137 votes for third place.

For U.S. Senate, Hopkintonians supported incumbent Democrat Ed Markey, with 6,558 votes compared to 3,424 for Republican Kevin O’Connor.

For U.S. Congress, residents backed Democrat Jake Auchincloss over Republican Julie Hall, 6,213-3,572.

Markey and Auchincloss both had healthy leads with the majority of the state’s votes counted.

State Sen. Karen Spilka (7,840 votes) and state Rep. Carolyn Dykema (7,913), both Democrats who were running unopposed, received strong support in town.

Looking at the ballot questions, Hopkinton went with yes on Question 1, the right to repair, 7,301-2,608. The rest of the state agreed, as it was on pace to pass easily.

Question 2, ranked choice voting, was rejected in town, 5,214-4,690. Similarly, statewide the no votes had almost a 9 percent lead with about 80 percent of the results tabulated.

Town clerk Connor Degan said voting at Hopkinton Middle School was busy and things ran smoothly. A few individuals entered the gym with paraphernalia supporting a candidate, which is not allowed. Degan said most of the violations were on face coverings, in which case volunteers handed out disposable face coverings to be placed over (or in place of) the campaign mask. One voter had on a pair of America-themed shoes on which he added a picture of Trump. A volunteer told the voter he would have to change his shoes, and he left the building.

Another voter placed a Trump flag on his car window, parked just outside the poll entrance and went in to vote. He was told that was not allowed within 150 feet of the entrance.

Hopkinton has 13,105 registered voted. Of those, 3,022 are registered as Democrats, 1,975 are Republicans, 7,862 are unenrolled and 156 are members of another party (Libertarian, United Independent Party, etc.).

More than 5,700 residents requested mail-in ballots. As long as they are postmarked by Tuesday they will be counted, Degan said.