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Planning Board approves stormwater management permit for 87 Hayden Rowe Street office building

by | Oct 17, 2023 | Featured: News, News

The Planning Board at its half-hour meeting Monday night voted 5-0 to approve a stormwater management permit for a two-story office building at 85R and 87 Hayden Rowe Street, allowing the redevelopment project to move one step closer to approval.

The property is next to the Hopkinton Public Schools administration building and across from the middle school. The proposed office building will replace an unoccupied apartment building, which will be demolished. The new building will retain the historic architectural characteristics of the previous structure. The site plan for the office building was first reviewed by the Planning Board in August and approved on Sept. 11.

Daron Kurkjian, the town’s engineering consultant from Weston & Sampson, explained that the developer has addressed his comments in the peer review. They included minor updates to plan specifications, increasing the size of the storm sector unit, and not placing snow in the area where rain gardens are proposed. Site lines for vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot also must be maintained.

Project manager Dave Marquedant confirmed that “some minor adjustments” were made to address the comments by Kurkjian.

Member Ron Priefer chaired the meeting in the absence of chair Gary Trendel and vice chair Rob Benson. He outlined several conditions that were attached to the approval. They included references to erosion and sediment control, as well as a requirement for a long-term operation and maintenance plan. Efforts to mitigate construction-related impacts such as pollution, erosion and land disturbance must be implemented. Permanent seeding can take place beginning in the spring. Prior to the start of construction, a detailed construction sequence plan must be submitted to Principal Planner John Gelcich.

The board continued the decision deadline until Oct. 30 in order to get a signature from Trendel.

Permit requests for 188-190 Fruit Street withdrawn

Earlier in the day, applicant Rebel Hill LLC contacted the Planning Board to withdraw its request for stormwater management and earth removal permits for its revised plans for 188 Fruit Street, which is near the Hopkinton Country Club. The request was approved 5-0.

The original scope of the project was for single-family homes to be built at 188 and 190 Fruit Street. The Planning Board and the Conservation Commission each expressed concerns about the grading of the land, poor soil quality and the amount of land disturbance the development of two homes would cause.

In response, the developers came back with a proposal for one home on the 188 Fruit Street lot. At the Oct. 10 Conservation Commission meeting, board members said they would be more amenable to a proposal that would put the house on both lots and further away from wetlands.

Gelcich explained that because the request was withdrawn without prejudice, “the developer could reapply with the same application within two years.”


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