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Planning Board approves 2 bond releases, parcel conveyance

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Featured: News, News

The Planning Board approved two bond releases and a parcel conveyance during its half-hour meeting Monday evening.

Vice chair Rob Benson ran the meeting in the absence of chair Gary Trendel. It was shorter than expected because the one scheduled hearing for a stormwater management for two proposed homes for Fruit Street had to be continued because the applicant’s presenter was unable to attend.

The meeting served as a primer for newer board members regarding bond release and approval not required (ANR) protocols.

Maspenock Woods bond released

The board approved by a 6–0 vote the release of a bond regarding Maspenock Woods, a 31-unit complex of luxury townhomes that borders Lake Maspenock.

Principal Planner John Gelcich explained that the development has been completed and is occupied. He explained that the applicant needs to attend a Conservation Commission hearing on Tuesday to close out its permits on that side.

The developer, Rebel Hill LLC, was represented by Robert Torchia. He asked for the release of the bond in the amount of $298,200.

Gelcich said that the zoning enforcement officer informed him that the work has been completed from the planning perspective, meeting the criteria for the bond release. He will write a letter to the town treasurer confirming the approval for release of the funds.

Eversource bond released

The board approved by a 6-0 vote the release of a $10,000 bond for Eversource in regard to the earth removal permit for the upper access road at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility at 52 Wilson Street.

Jim Blackburn, Eversource’s manager of LNG engineering and technical services, explained that the work was completed “in the late summer of last year.” The Conservation Commission issued a certificate of compliance, which closed that part of the process.

“The roadway and the stormwater infrastructure are all kind of in service and have been in place for the better part of nine months with no issues, as far as I’m aware,” Blackburn said, adding that he wanted to close that part of the project from an accounting perspective.

Parcel conveyance approved for Greenstar Property Development

The board also endorsed an ANR for the conveyance of a parcel at 85R Fruit Street. Gelcich gave members a refresher on what an ANR entails because it is a procedure unique to Massachusetts.

“It means that an approval is not required under the subdivision control law,” he said, noting that the subdivision process “is a much longer and more involved process. “So it’s a subdivision of land that doesn’t require a subdivision process. Usually, if a parcel of land has enough frontage and lot area under the current zoning district that it’s in, it can be subdivided without going through the subdivision process. Another “quirk” he described is that because the lot is labeled as a non-buildable lot, it does not require a subdivision process.

Project manager Dave Marquedant explained that the property is owned by Joseph Irvine Jr. The proposal entails transferring a somewhat L-shaped parcel with a thin stem to a property to the south owned by Ken Driscoll. Everything east of the property line for Lot 2B is being conveyed, while the thin strip of land to the west “will remain as is.”

Stormwater management permit hearing continued

The hearing for a stormwater management permit for two proposed homes for Fruit Street had to be continued due to an emergency on the applicant’s part.

Developer Richard Vallarelli spoke on behalf of the owner, Rebel Hill LLC. He requested a continuance because the lead presenter had a last-minute conflict.

Vallarelli noted that the project is scheduled to be heard before the Conservation Commission on Tuesday. He is awaiting documents from a peer review and will be resubmitting permit applications to the Board of Health for the septic system. The previous septic system permit, he said, had been issued around the year 2007.

The hearing was continued to the next Planning Board meeting on July 24. The decision is due on July 29, according to Gelcich.


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