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Business Profile: Boston Honey Company — so much more than honey

by | Apr 8, 2023 | Business, Featured

Boston Honey

Addie and Andy Reseka show off unique honeys they produce at their farm store along the Holliston rail trail. PHOTO/LINDA CHUSS

In November of 2020, the Boston Honey Company opened a retail store at its farm in Holliston. The flagship location houses every aspect of the business — from harvesting, extracting and bottling honey to candle making and more. Customers love this unique direct-to-consumer experience.

“These days, consumers are looking into their food sources, wondering where their food is coming from,” said Addie Reseska, who founded the business with her husband over 20 years ago. “When visitors come to our farm for the first time, they are surprised how much they can learn about bees with our in-store observation hive. It’s a great hit with kids. The window leading to the extraction room is another point of interest. After the honey is harvested, we bring the supers [containers on hives where bees store honey] to the room and remove the honey. People appreciate the transparency on display. It gives them a sense of what it takes to run a commercial beekeeping operation, how much infrastructure is needed. And the ability to experience all these factors at one place is quite special.”

Some people make the farm store a destination on their travels, while locals who return regularly often discover new and interesting aspects.

From May through October, customers enjoy stopping for ice cream, especially as part of a biking or walking excursion along the Upper Charles Trail. The farmland makes for a pleasant vista while resting with a beverage at an outdoor table.

“It’s a year-round operation,” explained Andy Reseka. “In summer, the honeybees are pollinating and producing honey throughout Massachusetts and New York. Before the cold of winter arrives, we move our bees to Georgia, where we raise bees and queens, and produce our Georgia honeys. Our bees return to the Northeast in late April to pollinate the apple orchards and continue the cycle of commercial migratory beekeeping.”

Boston Honey demonstrates its commitment to the bees and the larger environment. The visually inviting store was designed for sustainability, including a highly efficient geothermal system, and display stands made from old beehive frames. When people buy products from the company, they are supporting a local farm whose work is critical to maintaining the ecosystem in the MetroWest region and beyond.

Patrons can feel good about their contribution while enjoying the honey. Some popular uses are for smoothies, on ice cream and in tea. Boston Honey Company offers a range of unique mono-floral honeys that pair well with charcuterie or cheese boards.

Events are another attraction at the farm, like the annual October Harvest party with food and beverage vendors, live music and a variety of children’s activities. In the summer, group tours are available.

Located at 45 Chestnut Street in Holliston, the store is open year-round from Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Along with honey, locally sourced products like maple syrup, pasture-raised meats and fresh eggs are available. Many items also can be purchased at bostonhoneycompany.com. To contact Boston Honey Company, call 508-429-6872 or email info@bostonhoneycompany.com.

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