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Business Profile: Experienced employees welcome Colonial ChemDry’s new owner

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Business, Featured

Colonial ChemDry

Colonial ChemDry’s Michael Halliday shows off the powerhead star tool that sprays and agitates to extract dirt from carpets.

When Michael Halliday decided to run a business as his next career step, there were two requirements: It had to be in a Massachusetts town, and it had to serve the community. Originally from Western Massachusetts, Halliday spent most of his adult life in the south, first as a Navy submariner and later as a government engineer working on Navy projects. Returning north would put him near his family. Operating a business that served the community would be a natural extension of what he saw as his role in the military, serving people.

Halliday chose Colonial ChemDry, in part “because of its 40-year presence in Upton. I wanted to build on that,” he said. “ChemDry is a franchise-based company known for unique, specialized cleaning tools and patented agents to clean carpets in homes and businesses. They use little water and leave minimal residue, so rugs dry faster and stay clean longer.”

Halliday did his research and, as part of that, found it reassuring the cleaning ingredients are safe for people, rugs and the environment. He explains that with ChemDry, agitating the rug as part of the cleaning means it doesn’t need strong chemicals that other processes might.

“There’s been a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying it,” he said. “And my tinkering engineer side likes maintaining the equipment.”

Halliday has been grateful to learn from the experienced technicians already on board. Colonial ChemDry employees average over 20 years at the company. The parent firm provides extensive training, and more importantly, the veteran employees have gained invaluable experience from working for clients.

“They’ve seen all kinds of problem spots and know what to do” Halliday said. “Plus, they go the extra mile when needed. They’re proud of the results they achieve, and I am too.”

Employees have warmly welcomed him on board his new “ship.” Said office manager Stacy Boulanger: “Everyone here is very happy to be working under Mike. He offers full support to the staff, shows his appreciation and makes the workday enjoyable. He’s made many positive changes so far.”

Customers also appreciate Colonial ChemDry for its high degree of expertise.

“Many clients have used us before,” Halliday said. “In Hopkinton, we’ve served over 1,500 accounts, with 600 currently active. They can’t believe the kinds of stains we get out, especially pet odors. People with allergies also like the results.”

Halliday is adding equipment for cleaning area rugs at a humidity-controlled room in his facility. That will allow the work to be completed in about a week, less than half the time needed now. The business focuses mostly on residential carpets and area rugs but also cleans granite, wood and more, at homes as well as businesses.

Halliday is also giving back to the community, like handing out candy at the Upton Trunk or Treat event last fall.

“When I was in the service, we’d help with the Special Olympics and build homes for people,” he said. “I want to do more like that as part of our contribution to the community.”

Colonial ChemDry services towns across the region. To find out more, visit carpetcleaningcd.com or call 508-529-4115.

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