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Business Profile: Main Street Home Improvement specializes in fine carpentry, remodeling

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Business

Rodrigo Vassoler with children

Main Street Home Improvement owner Rodrigo Vassoler, a Hopkinton resident, services homeowners with fine carpentry needs and remodeling projects of any size. PHOTO/FAIR VASSOLER

With nearly two decades of related experience having worked for various companies, Rodrigo Vassoler, owner of Main Street Home Improvement, is a trusted resource and ready to help homeowners achieve their remodeling dreams.

“I was excited to open my business in January of 2018,” Vassoler said, adding, “The flexibility of being able to make my own schedule allows me more time with my family, which is important.”

His passion is finish carpentry work, including trim, baseboards and crown molding, which he knows adds that perfect touch to any project. He has all the tools and equipment needed and prides himself on working with great care and attention to detail. Additional services include framing, deck work, tiling, interior and exterior painting and any type of remodeling work, large or small.

“Our services are varied, but they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, reliability and durability,” Vassoler noted.

Fully licensed and insured, Vassoler works with each homeowner in developing the project, from materials and products to design concepts. Realistic schedules are provided to accommodate customer needs.

Testimonials tout Vassoler’s professionalism, honest assessment of a project, reasonable pricing, neatness on the job and attention to detail in every aspect of his work.

When first meeting a homeowner for a no-cost assessment, Vassoler asks key questions about goals and timeframe for the completed work. Respecting that people’s lives are busy, Vassoler depends primarily on communicating with clients by text messaging. Within 24 hours, he will send along a quote with an anticipated project end date. Once hired, Vassoler stays in touch frequently with project updates.

“I believe in building a solid relationship with each customer from the very beginning,” Vassoler said, “and that hasn’t failed me. If people trust you and your work is good quality, the jobs will come.”

Vassoler works primarily in Hopkinton but is willing to travel within a 25-mile radius or more. It all depends on the size and significance of the job involved.

Currently he is transforming a homeowner’s basement in Ashland into a live-in residence as an in-law apartment, complete with full kitchen and bath. One remodeling project in Hopkinton entails building an outdoor deck and another focuses on rebuilding a living room fireplace and mantle.

“I love what I do,” Vassoler said. “It gives me great satisfaction to begin a project and see it through, step by step, to the end. I love making things pretty.”

Over the years, Vassoler has gained experience in cosmetic work as well, those last few details to make each job come alive for his customers. He enjoys giving his best, and his work typically exceeds customer expectations.

Vassoler’s advice to homeowners is to consider securing three quotes on any project, be sure to ask if the business is licensed and insured, and never pay for an initial consultation.
Main Street Home Improvement is conveniently located at 90 East Main St., downtown. To request a free project assessment, contact Rodrigo Vassoler at 774-292-0678 or schedule an appointment online at mainstreethomeimprovement.com.

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