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Business Profile: Northeast Dermatology Associates addresses skin health

by | May 19, 2021 | Business, Featured

Dawn Baird always has been enthralled with medicine, and today, as a board-certified physician assistant at Northeast Dermatology Associates (NEDA), she has found her true calling. She loves educating others about the importance of skin care health and helping people look their best.

“I love helping my patients be the best version of themselves,” Baird stated. “Because I am making a real difference, I can truly say this is a career that fills my soul.”

Baird started with the practice at 22 South St. by working part-time last September during the pandemic. In January she moved to being a full-time provider.

“Skin is actually the largest organ of the body,” Baird explained, “and a person’s self-esteem is closely tied to how they show themselves to the world. Everyone deserves the best care.”

Northeast Dermatology

Physician assistant Dawn Baird loves helping patients be the best version of themselves by properly addressing their skin care needs.

Baird focuses on medical dermatology and the use of dermoscopy in early skin cancer detection. She strongly encourages most individuals to have a professional skin check at least once a year, wear sun-protective clothing and broad-brimmed hats, and apply a sunscreen of 50 SPF or greater to areas of skin exposed to the sun, reapplying sunscreen every other hour, as needed.

“If you can see your shadow, the sun’s radiation is reaching your skin,” Baird explained. “There are three main types of skin cancer, and early detection is paramount.”

Additionally, she recommends performing a monthly skin check at home to become familiar with the skin overall. The more familiar one becomes, the easier it is to notice a change — something different or new — which then should be checked by a dermatologist. She advises using two mirrors at home to clearly see the back and behind the legs – areas prone to cancer in many men and women, respectively.

Baird finds the use of a dermatoscope essential in her work of early cancer detection. She first learned about the tool and the technique of using a dermatoscope during a conference hosted by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City and continues to attend the annual convention to keep abreast of the latest developments.

Baird believes wholeheartedly in cultivating and nurturing a close connection with each patient, as this helps her gain a greater understanding of that person’s lifestyle.

“Each patient is important, and taking the time to genuinely listen and care about each person’s needs is how I like to begin every visit to our office,” Baird added.

Once Baird has established a genuine connection with her patient, she is better equipped to develop a risk assessment and evaluate appropriate strategies to address and resolve any skin health concerns.

For more than 70 years, professionals at Northeast Dermatology Associates have provided the region with a trusted dermatology practice, specializing in general, medical and cosmetic dermatology. Their goal is to provide quality care and service that optimizes outcomes and patient satisfaction. NEDA has offices in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts.

To learn more, visit nedermatology.com. To make an appointment with Dawn Baird at NEDA’s Hopkinton office, call 508-625-0606.

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