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Business Profile: Platinum Physical Therapy expands Hopkinton office

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Business, Featured

Platinum Physical Therapy

Platinum Physical Therapy’s five Hopkinton therapists are (from left) Kim Bolick, Julianne Rickert, Courtney Cappadona, Christian Navarro and Lindsey Maher.

Platinum Physical Therapy, which has locations in Hopkinton, Ashland and Milford, recently expanded its Hopkinton office in order to offer more extensive strength and conditioning programming to the community. Its Platinum Strength program includes a movement screening to determine patients’ strengths and weaknesses and a customized exercise program to help meet their goals.

Julianne Rickert, Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Hopkinton clinic manager, says the expansion will provide the clinic’s Platinum Strength program with a dedicated performance-focused space in which additional strength and conditioning equipment will be utilized.

In addition to its strength program, Platinum offers 40-minute one-to-one care for patients seeking improved mobility and pain relief. “Our target niche in health care is that we are movement specialists,” Rickert says. “Regardless of what your goal is — running a marathon, playing with your grandkids, driving long distances — we want to help you meet that goal through movement optimization.”

Adds Rickert: “The biggest thing that sets Platinum apart is our one-to-one care. It’s becoming increasingly rare to have that personal experience with a medical practitioner, and many people feel like they get bounced around in the system.” With stability in mind, Platinum strives to keep patients with the same therapist throughout their course of care.

The company’s Hopkinton clinic is the only location with an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, a technology that uses air displacement to reduce a patient’s body weight. “With AlterG, we can help people rehabbing from injuries or surgeries who have weight-bearing restrictions,” Rickert explains. “They can walk or run earlier than they would have without the gravity assist.” The technology also is available to the community; users do not have to be Platinum patients to purchase time on the treadmill.

The clinic also offers running gait assessments for those who are looking to improve their running mechanics. “Through a combination of a movement screening, running gait assessment and exercise prescription, we can help them meet their goals,” Rickert says.

Another service offered in Hopkinton is dry needling. Three therapists are certified in the treatment, which helps release muscle tension and pain. All of Platinum’s locations also offer free injury screens.

Rickert says one of her favorite success stories is that of a runner who had seen multiple doctors across the Boston area without finding relief for chronic knee pain. “Within a couple of sessions,” Rickert shares, “we found that the problem was coming more from her back and hips and not the knee itself. So, we worked up the chain, and we were able to get her running within a month’s time from the rehab process starting.”

Platinum Physical Therapy aims to be part of its patients’ preventative care team, Rickert says. “Some patients absolutely need surgery,” Rickert says, “but for many people who have years of pain or dysfunctional movement, after a few sessions with us they find relief and potential light at the end of the tunnel.”

Platinum’s Hopkinton office is located at 1 Lumber Street. To learn more, visit platinumptma.com or call 508-544-1540.

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