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Business Profile: Sassy Foxx consignment shop features high-end items at accessible prices

by | May 3, 2023 | Business, Featured

Sassy Foxx

The Sassy Foxx owner Michele Provencal (right) poses with Erin Newark, store manager of 12 years.

Upscale items that are pristine, current and affordable — that’s what shoppers uncover at The Sassy Foxx, a consignment store in Uxbridge. From clothing to accessories and household decor, owner Michele Provencal says her boutique always has something new. “That’s what people really love about it,” she says. “Some customers come in three times a week because our inventory changes so frequently. It gets addictive.”

Items are ticketed by date, so if a customer has their eye on a handbag, for example, they’ll see its price reduced by half at the 30-day mark and fully reduced by 60 days. “When it comes to name brands for less, you really can’t beat our prices,” Provencal says. “You’re going to get something cheaper and nicer than you would at a T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. The discounts are huge, and the quality is there.”

The Sassy Foxx carries a variety of brand names, from Ann Taylor and Banana Republic to Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors. “We have a wide range of items and prices, so there’s something for everybody, and my clientele reflects that,” Provencal says. “We have teenage shoppers all the way to elderly customers, and they’re all able to find something.”

Provencal says the shop is “really selective” when it comes to the items it takes in. Potential consignors must make an appointment, and it’s not guaranteed that their items will be a right fit for the store. “My inventory is very current and features items purchased within the last two to four years,” she says. “We don’t accept anything with stains, holes or signs of wear. Items must also be freshly laundered and wrinkle-free.”

The store does up to 20 consignment appointments daily and is generally booked for two to three weeks. “Because we are such a busy store,” Provencal says, “if we take an item in, the chance of it selling is extremely high. We’re also one of the few shops that still does a 50-50 split for consignment, which means we split the profit 50-50, not 60-40 like other stores.” Sassy Foxx consignors also can receive cash at the time of sale and don’t have to wait for a particular payment date as may be required at other shops.

In addition to discovering discounted items, Provencal says what people love about her store is that it’s the “one place you can go to and never know what you’re going to come across. It’s a one-stop shop with a variety of brands and sizes and unique items that you would have never found at a regular store.”

For people with preconceived notions about the consignment shopping experience, Provencal encourages them to give Sassy Foxx a try. “I take great pride in how the store looks,” she says. “It’s immaculate. Organized racks, color-coding, clear labels, beautiful presentation. And one of the first things that newbies say when they walk in is, ‘Oh my god, it smells so good in here.’ ”

The Sassy Foxx is located at 19 Depot Street, Uxbridge. Call 508-278-9700 for more information.

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1 Comment

  1. Betsy Saucier

    Sassy Fox is a gorgeous consignment store! You would think that you are walking into an upscale boutique. The employees are smiling, friendly and always ready to assist you. And yes it smells good too!!!!You can’t believe the prices and often the original from the store price tags are still on the clothes so you can see what a bargain you are getting!

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