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Business Profile: Scott Septic far more than its name

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Business, Featured

Siblings Rob Scott and Stacey Scott of Scott Septic

Siblings Rob Scott and Stacey Scott of Scott Septic are the third generation of Scotts to provide septic, excavating and more to Hopkinton residents.

“We’re way more than just a septic company,” says Rob Scott of Scott Septic. “We’re known for septic, but we do a lot of other things as well.”

Hopkinton residents have been turning to Scott Septic since Don Scott founded the company in 1968. Besides handling everything to do with septic systems, Scott Septic also does sewer connections, Title 5 inspections, site work and general excavations as well as drainage, utility work and more.

“There isn’t anything excavation-wise I won’t tackle. I love going out of my comfort zone — it helps break up the job,” says Scott, who is the third generation of Scotts to run the company. Don Scott retired in 1981. Rob’s parents, Rob and Dottie, took over then. Now the younger Rob handles septic system installations and excavations while his sister, Stacey, manages septic system pumping and repairs along with Title 5 inspections, and Dottie runs the office with Rob’s wife, Melissa.

Scott says he’s been involved with the company since he was about 9 years old and has spent every summer since he was 11 in the septic truck.

“I love septic. It makes us what we are, but it’s also nice to do different things,” he says. “We wear a lot of hats, and our employees do as well.”

With Scott Septic entering its 56th year in business, Scott says he’s very grateful to all its customers, some of whom have been with the company so long they’re like family. He remembers going to customers’ houses when he was young and seeing kids his own age there, and now many of those same kids from his early days on the septic truck have become Scott Septic customers as adults.

Scott recommends homeowners have their septic tanks pumped every two years. People might feel this isn’t necessary unless they’ve noticed problems, but proactive maintenance is recommended, as homeowners may not realize minor issues have become major ones.

“It’s good to stay on top of any issue so it doesn’t become a catastrophe and a big repair,” he says. “Don’t flush any type of wipe, even if the package says they’re flushable. They don’t break down and can create a huge problem. Don’t wash off paintbrushes in the sink, don’t put ANY grease down the drain — we can see what you’ve been doing when we open up the tank, and we know if it’s going to hurt long term or not.”

Besides the Scott family, a core group of employees helps keep the business running smoothly and ensures the best service for its customers.

“We have about 10 employees, and they’re fantastic. A lot of them have been with us for a long time,” says Scott. “We grew the business, and in 2010, we started to open up and hire more people. We’ve gone from having one or two employees to as many as 16. We would never be what we are without our employees. Even if you don’t get me or my sister on the job, you’re getting an incredible person who is fully qualified to assist you.”

Visit ScottSeptic.com or call 508-435-4168 for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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