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Business Profile: Studio Ampersand offers holistic approach to academic tutoring

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Business, Featured

Cierra Henderson, founder of Studio Ampersand in Holliston, is passionate about helping young people reach their greatest potential, both in academics and personal growth.

Studio Ampersand offers expert tutors qualified to teach all ages from elementary through high school in all subjects with individually tailored curricula appropriate for one-on-one or small group sessions that may be held virtually or in person. Programming is affordable and the results measurable.

“We recognize every student has a different learning style and pride ourselves on matching qualified tutors to students’ individual needs,” Henderson stated. “With this holistic approach, we help young people understand how they learn best, become accountable, and control and influence their own education and progress.”

Initially the lead tutor at Studio Ampersand, Henderson now serves as the overall service coordinator and tutor director. She ensures students and their parents are excited about and satisfied with the educational experience, and the company then provides whatever level of support and resources might be needed throughout the program experience. Her goal is to ensure a productive learning environment which contributes to every child’s academic success and personal growth.

Henderson takes ample time when first meeting or speaking with parents to learn as much as possible about the incoming student and then determines the right tutor match. A “meet and greet” is scheduled, either online or in person, to make sure the chemistry is right. Finally, a personalized curriculum is designed, and a tutoring schedule established. Some students receive a few hours of tutoring a week while others may require more. Studio Ampersand offers a “pay as you go” model.

For those parents interested in having an in-person meet and greet or learning experience, Henderson is delighted to announce a recent partnership with Venture X Marlborough, a shared workspace that offers meeting rooms that are regularly sanitized, have adequate air filtration, and offer hand sanitizers and hand-washing stations. Studio Ampersand staff also will schedule a meet and greet in a family’s backyard, following all the necessary safety protocols of wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing.

“We want parents to know Studio Ampersand can be that support system which makes their child’s education successful this year,” Henderson said. “We are rewriting the educational narrative and focus on ensuring that our students thrive in every situation.”

Once progress is achieved in academics, parents often request assistance for their high schoolers who need help with college test preparation. During the summer, Henderson offered free SAT and ACT prep classes, with a goal of keeping students motivated and on top of their skills.

Henderson hopes to instill a love for life-long learning in students who are using Studio Ampersand’s services.

“The most rewarding parts of this work are seeing a child’s confidence grow and outlook mature, along with their improved academic progress,” Henderson said.

From their one-on-one programs to materials, Studio Ampersand strives to be the educational company relied on by students, parents and schools. To learn more, visit studioampersand.org or call 508-474-5009 with questions or to register.

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