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Business Profile: Under Pressure soft wash makes properties look new

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Business, Featured

Mark Mercer

Mark Mercer (left) runs Under Pressure with help from his brother, Chad.

Exterior cleaning company Under Pressure has spent 22 years making tired, dingy homes look brand new through pressure and soft washes. It recently moved its base of operations from Framingham to Hopkinton.

“I went from a 10,000 square foot building to a 1,300 square foot building,” owner Mark Mercer said. “Our goal is to do less better. We used to be a company that would just say yes to every type of cleaning, but I’ve found that when we stick to what we’re good at, which is commercial, residential building and house washing, that’s where we really thrive.”

Under Pressure provides a comprehensive washing service for homes and businesses. This includes hot and cold pressure washes and what Mercer calls soft washes — the most common method of cleaning.

Soft washes are low-pressure washes that rely on a cleaning solution of soaps, mildew-cides, algaecides and other ingredients to break up grime and mold. The company performs about 1,500 to 2,000 soft washes a year.

Mercer also offers a popular annual maintenance service. This involves his team visiting the homes of participating clients every year to inspect for potential problems and to maintain roofs, gutters and windows.

“A lot of homeowners these days are so busy that they don’t have time or lack the knowledge to maintain some of the basics,” Mercer said. “The other part is the risk involved with homeowners doing things like climbing up on ladders to do gutters. It’s not safe.”

Mercer calls the maintenance service the future of the business — a way for homeowners to pay less per month while also providing Under Pressure with regular revenue.

Subscriptions range from $50 to around $300 a month depending on the size of the home and the amount of initial work required.

Under Pressure emphasizes its use of high-quality commercial-grade equipment and a commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability. The company tries to waste as little water as possible by reclaiming and filtering it.

“I’m really focused on the importance of practicing what you preach,” Mercer said. “If I had my own house washed, I would not want certain products used around my plantings. I spent a lot of time, money and effort, I want them to look good. I don’t want the soil to be neutralized a week after the washing because it was somehow affected by the chemicals.”

Under Pressure also has plans in 2022 to launch a franchise model. The team is creating training videos in preparation to welcome franchise owners.

Mercer founded the business in 1999 after working with a pool cleaning company and hearing many customers ask if he also could clean their decks and patios. He still finds the work deeply satisfying today.

“Even our guys who do it 50 hours a week still enjoy the process,” Mercer said. “It’s taking something that’s dirty or tired looking and waking it up and making it feel fresh.”

Added Mercer: “People cry. I think the homeowners come home and see their patio that they haven’t seen look that good since their husband installed it. They burst into tears because it looks good.”

Mercer takes pride living in the community. He and his wife have participated in fundraisers for groups like the Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association and the Hopkinton Moms Group. They also maintain a partnership with Hopkinton Parks & Recreation, cleaning playgrounds.

Under Pressure Power Washing Inc. is located at 88A Elm Street in Hopkinton. More information can be found at underpressurewash.com or by calling 508-422-0700.

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