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Conservation Commission addresses Foxhollow Road home foundation placement in brief meeting

by | Mar 27, 2024 | News

The Conservation Commission met for only about 30 minutes Tuesday due to hearing cancellations, shifting its focus to work session items. The major topic of discussion was 1 Foxhollow Road, a single-family home located within a subdivision.

Conservation Administrator Kim Ciaramicoli explained that the house’s foundation was placed in a different area from where the Conservation Commission originally approved it. Consequently, the driveway and septic system needed to be moved.

While the house and septic system have already been constructed, the driveway “is only partially in,” she added.

A two-year extension was granted in a 6-0 vote because the applicant is working with Ciaramicoli, the Board of Health and the building inspector to rectify the situation.

“We anticipate that they will be coming forward with a revised plan which may result in an amended order,” said Ciaramicoli. It should be received within the next two months.

The erosion control measures already have been replaced, she added, but they were on the side of the Sudbury Valley Trustees property, at Whitehall Woods. The damage incurred was minimal.

Member Ted Barker-Hook asked if the foundation’s placement impacted any buffer zones. Ciaramicoli explained that it will in the future. Although the septic system was moved to the front of the property, the Health Department requires a reserve area in the rear. A Title 5 inspection will be needed. In order to access the rear area, the applicant will have to go into the buffer zone.

Member Ed Harrow asked why the driveway couldn’t be used to access the back of the site.

Replied Ciaramicoli: “It’s a huge slope.”

This is the last home that will be developed in this subdivision, she added.

Maspenock Woods Condos certificate of compliance approved

The commission unanimously approved a certificate of compliance for Maspenock Woods Condos, located on West Elm Street. Ciaramicoli noted that all of the requests made by the commission to the applicant had been fulfilled. They included hood installation on all of the catch basins and the cleaning and maintenance of the stormwater infrastructure. An operations and maintenance plan was provided for the homeowners association, as well as an invasive species management plan.

Annual inspections will be required for this project, which originally was approved sometime around 2009.

Hearings continued until April 9

The evening’s scheduled hearings were continued until the next meeting on April 9. They included an Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation hearing for 12 North Mill Street and a hearing regarding Hopkinton Stone and Garden at 28 Lumber Street at the request of the respective applicants. A new hearing on 12 Maple Street Extension also was continued to the next meeting.

This meeting will be the quarterly in-person meeting at the Hopkinton Senior Center at 28 Mayhew Street at 7 p.m.


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