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Update: Document released by town compromises anonymity of alleged sexual assault survivor; Kramer offers apology

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Featured: News, News, Police & Fire

After Friday night’s explosive hearing on the potential termination of Hopkinton Police Sgt. Tim Brennan, documents were released by the town that mistakenly included identifying information of the alleged sexual assault survivor in the case of the accused assailant, former Deputy Chief John “Jay” Porter.

At the conclusion of the intense Loudermill hearing, which spanned more than three hours, the town released via public relations firm JGPR an email to the press at 9:07 p.m. It contained several documents related to both the internal and external independent investigations into Brennan that showed that he had violated HPD policy by not relating to his supervisors that the alleged survivor revealed to him over a period of years alleged sexual assaults committed by Porter beginning when she was a 14-year-old sophomore at Hopkinton High School two decades ago.

These documents, along with perfunctory notice letters, included an unredacted version of the Kroll report, the independent investigator’s analysis of Brennan’s conduct in relation to not reporting the alleged assaults by Porter. This unredacted report included the alleged sexual assault survivor’s first name and identifying information — a consequence that could now cause legal ramifications for the town.

John Guilfoil, the principal of JGPR, in an interview with the Independent Monday morning, confirmed that the information released to the agency by the town did not include all of the required redactions, leading to the alleged survivor’s identity being made public. He said he took down the unredacted report Sunday afternoon after learning from HPD Chief Joseph Bennett that the mistake was made. The Independent on Sunday verified with Brennan’s counsel that the name had been released.

“The release of the documents by the town immediately after Friday’s hearing was a transparent gesture by the town to provide documents that were discussed during the hearing,” said Guilfoil. “These documents were released at the direction of town counsel, but additional review and redactions are needed. It is important that town counsel reviews the documents before they are re-added to the police department blog.”

The Independent reached out to Town Manager Norman Khumalo by phone for comment and an explanation as to how this oversight could have occurred and where the town goes from here. Khumalo did not immediately respond.

Kramer shared a message from the Select Board on Monday evening to the Independent.

“On behalf of the Select Board, I want to add our deepest apologies to the survivor in this case against John Porter for the redaction errors made prior to the release of the public documents (now corrected) following the public meeting,” she stated. “It is heartbreaking to think about how hard this entire situation is, and we truly only want to support and stand in solidarity with survivors.”


  1. Timothy Boivin

    Yeah, right.

  2. Anonymous-ish

    The chief has an agenda.

    -Protect his friend the rapist.
    -Punish Brennan for not doing his bidding
    -Punish the Survivor

    Maybe we should find someone to lead the HPD who can “Protect and Serve” the community.

    Sgt. Brennan seems to be the type who fit this role well.


  3. Laurie Stone

    This is unbelievable-WHERE IS THE TOWN MANAGER AND POLICE CHIEF?????

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