Hopkinton groups sponsor LGBTQ+ Basics and Beyond online conversation Tuesday night


LGBTQ+ event

The Hopkinton Freedom Team, along with Hopkinton Youth & Family Services, the South Asian Circle of Hopkinton and OUT MetroWest, is sponsoring a free Zoom teleconference Tuesday night called LGBTQ+ Basics and Beyond, a conversation about sexual orientation, gender and the LGBTQ+ community.

According to the Freedom Team website, the conversation is geared toward adults and older teens, and all those with a connection to the Hopkinton community are welcome to participate. As part of its presentation, OUT MetroWest will provide updates about LGBTQ+ trends, clarify confusing terms and highlight gender-related topics like pronouns.

The presentation is suggested for anyone who has had one of the following questions:

Why are so many people transgender these days?

Is it OK to wonder which mother carried the baby?

Should straight people say the word queer?

Aren’t transgender youth too young to be making permanent choices about their bodies?

This program, which starts at 7 p.m., is the first event in a series called Community Connections.

For more information, check the Hopkinton Freedom Team website at hopkintonfreedomteam.org.

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