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Khumalo: Town had no choice but to accept Porter’s resignation from HPD

by | May 5, 2023 | Featured: News, News

Former Deputy Police Chief John “Jay” Porter resigned from the Hopkinton Police Department last Friday, three days before he was charged by the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office with rape of a child dating back to his stint as school resource officer in town.

Some have questioned why Porter was not fired by the town before he had a chance to resign. Town Manager Norman Khumalo released a statement Friday explaining the town’s position.

“In response to inquiries by members of the public, the Town of Hopkinton wishes to provide clarification on John Porter’s separation from employment with the town,” the statement reads. “Porter notified the town on Friday, April 28, that he is seeking to retire. The Town of Hopkinton participates in the Middlesex County Retirement System (MCRS), and the town has no authority to accept or reject his retirement request. The town did, however, accept his immediate separation of employment. John Porter is no longer employed by the Hopkinton Police Department.”

Porter is due to be arraigned in Woburn District Court on Tuesday at noon.


  1. Corinne O’Shea

    Why if the HPD knew about Porter’s involvement in the rape of a 15 year old didn’t they contact the places where he’s been a coach of girls. It seems to me, this is a gross negligence of the Hopkinton Police Department. This is the type of thing that has happened in Hopkinton for years – if you don’t tell the citizens about things they won’t know or even think that their police department is withholding things from them. Especially things like a rape of a child!! A very negligent to do. Who do you protect the officer who raped a child or the innocent children – boys and girls in our community. I am disgusted by the Hopkinton police and leaders. Hopefully we won’t hear of more of the same or has it already happened and it’s a secret residents don’t need to know because someone else is being protected.

    • J.E.

      Corinne, I agree. If anyone, I would think that the police are REQUIRED to adhere to the duty to report the abuse of, or the suspected abuse of, children to the DSS. Doctors, teachers and others are mandated reporters, the police? Either way, how could anyone, much less our PD, allow a suspected child molester to coach another local town’s young women’s team? Were any of their daughter’s on the team and at risk? Was the department protecting a rapist until he was arrested by the failure to disclose? Did it have anything to do with his rank and position within the school? Who knew what, all the way up to the town leaders? This is where we need the press to do a serious investigation, asking the hard questions, to put together a comprehensive story using the freedom of the press. Only the press are truly independent, so I would like to read about what actually transpired through journalism.

  2. Beth Malloy

    This contradicts most other articles saying the town accepted his retirement. S if it wasn’t the town was it the Middlesex County Retirement System? If he is found guilty or pleads out does he still get his pension?
    My prayers of strength to his victim.

  3. Steve Chrony

    “Separation from employment”. You’ve got to love terminology today.

  4. James Egan

    I hope other LEO’s do not try to get this individual any special treatment, at any point in time, including while he sits in prison. For the second in command of the Police Department to have been allowed to build and oversee the school community relations program makes this even more suspect. How did he last so long in a position of power over youth? Why was he allowed to be paid for the time, while welcome to use the school to locate his victims. He was allowed to groom victims, as high-ranking cop, young people are taught to trust without regard. With both the school and the police managing his performance for years, there needs to be accountability from both leaders (police/schools), and the town, so we have a plan to ensure this will not be possible in the future. I do not care about his pension, I want him incarcerated so long it is irrelevant. This is not how the sworn leadership should “protect and serve” our children.

  5. Matt

    In tonight’s Select Board executive session they will be discussing Khumalo’s contract renewal – FYI

  6. Sara

    That statement by Mr. Khumalo provided no clarification. Just a bunch of mumbo jumbo by a politician, as usual.

  7. Vince

    It’s quite sad how quick people are to pounce. Everyone here has him convicted already, knowing nearly nothing about the details. He has not been found guilty; no trial has yet taken place. A man has been accused and charged. That’s it. Wait for the trial to take place. Wait for the evidence to come out, if there is any, besides only the word of the accuser.

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