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Business Profile: Kumon Math and Reading Center of Hopkinton

by | Sep 13, 2018 | Business, Education

Hopkinton High School students, along with Kumon instructor and owner Pam Banson, assist a young student at the Kumon Center. (From left) Carly Sanderson, Fatima Zaidi, Katelyn Sylvester, Pam Banson, Ellis Spar, Kara Pucci and Maggie Card.

It’s easy to tell from the enthusiasm in her voice that Pamela Banson has a love of learning and wants to impart that same enjoyment to her students. That’s where the Kumon Math and Reading Center of Hopkinton comes in and Banson, the owner and instructor, helps her students to thrive.

Named after its founder, Japanese educator Toru Kumon, the after-school learning franchise has been around for 60 years, helping more than 60 million children worldwide with their math and reading.

The Kumon method allows children to progress at their own pace. Each day, children are given worksheets to complete, which progressively become more challenging while introducing a variety of concepts. If the instructor sees that the student is struggling in a certain area, the student is assigned more practice until he or she fully comprehends the subject. Kumon provides students good study habits, better concentration, and a strong understanding of fundamental math and reading subjects.

“Initially, it’s no bed of roses for kids,” Banson explained. “It’s about routine and that can be challenging for children in the beginning. However, once students get over that hump, I see a breakthrough happen and their confidence takes off.”

Banson holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from the College of the Holy Spirit in the Philippines, as well as a Master’s Degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Connecticut. She’s been a Kumon instructor since 2001.

“If you love something you do, you never get tired of it,” she said.

She also enlists the help of Hopkinton High School students at the Center.

Banson, a Hopkinton resident, enrolled her three children in the Kumon program and watched them excel in elementary and high school, and now in their college years.

The program helps children at all academic levels.

“It’s geared for those who need some extra help but also for those who seek enrichment,” explained Banson, adding she works with students from preschool up to high school. “I’ve worked with some as young as three years old. When they’re ready, they’re ready.”

The math program covers everything from counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions as well as algebra, calculus, trigonometry, and more. The reading program focuses on everything from vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation to reading comprehension, and understanding paragraphs.

Parents interested in enrolling their children must make an appointment to schedule an orientation. Children also take a placement test to help determine their most appropriate starting point. Banson is offering 50 percent off the registration fee through Friday, Sept. 21.

The Kumon Math and Reading Center of Hopkinton is located at 77 Main St. Class hours are Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 to 6:30 p.m. For more information, visit www.kumon.com/hopkinton, call 508-435-0273, or email pamelabanson@ikumon.com. Banson also has a second Kumon location at 108 Milk St., Westborough.

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