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Milford man arraigned in alleged road rage incident in Hopkinton as victim clings to life

by | Apr 6, 2024 | Featured: News, News

A Milford man was arraigned Friday in Framingham District Court while the woman he allegedly ran down with his vehicle Thursday night remains in critical condition Saturday.

Ryan Sweatt, 36, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, operating to endanger and a marked lanes violation in connection with striking a 26-year-old female with his car Thursday night in Hopkinton near Cornell’s Irish Pub on Hayden Rowe Street. The incident was termed an “apparent road rage incident” in a joint press release from Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan and Hopkinton Police Chief Joseph Bennett.

Sweatt was ordered held without bail until a dangerousness hearing next week.

According to a news report, Sweatt told police at the scene of the incident that “people had surrounded his car, and were yelling they were trying to kill him, and he was trying to get away.”

In that report, police revealed that a knife was recovered at the scene and that a Cornell’s surveillance camera “clearly captured the entire incident.”

In a brief interview Saturday afternoon, Bennett confirmed the identity of the victim as Destini Decoff, 26.

In a Facebook post Saturday morning, Tracy Decoff, who identified herself as the injured woman’s mother, stated, “My baby is still on life support.” She described the incident in a Facebook post Friday.

“She was in the car with friends when the car behind them was riding their bumper,” she stated.”Car pulled over they got out of the vehicle & that car tried to run them over. They made it the first time then the car turned around again & hit my daughter head on throwing her in the air. That car then took off with my baby laying there & the police got him.”

She stressed: “She is literally injured from head to toe.”

According to the Facebook post, Destini had an operation to remove part of her skull to alleviate pressure from a brain bleed. Tracy is only allowed to visit her daughter “for a few minutes at a time.”

“She was also bleeding internally,” Tracy Decoff wrote. “Plastic surgeon had to put her lip & chin back together. She has broken teeth, 1 of which landed in her lung. Broken shoulder, broken ribs, broken tibia that is putting pressure on the blood vessels around it. She has both collapsed lungs & her spleen had to be removed. She is on a breathing machine & hasn’t moved a limb since it happened. She also has chest tubes.”

While Destini remains unconscious, her mother has been talking to her and appeared to remain hopeful and grateful for the support of friends and family members.

“I feel in my heart she can hear me,” she stated. “I’ve only tried holding her hand because she is hurt everywhere but I still want to try to get a response. No response yet but if anyone can fight thru this it absolutely is Destini.”

She added: “Although I got the worst news that there are literally no signs of this ever changing, it doesn’t feel right.”

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  1. Stephen D Small

    Something has gone “off” in our society. When was the first time you heard the term “road rage”? When is the first time that you heard the term “mass shooting”?

    We need to find out what has gone wrong?


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