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Milford Regional reopens all services, implements additional safety measures

by | Jun 11, 2020 | News

Milford Regional Medical Center announced Thursday at all services have been reopened to the community, with safety measures in place. Following is the release from the hospital.

As Milford Regional reopens all of our services to the community, we want to reassure our patients of our commitment to provide the highest level of safety for patients, visitors and staff. Our adherence to strict guidance from the State, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) ensures that everyone who enters Milford Regional can have confidence in the safety measures we have taken. Your safety is always our top priority!

Here is what you can expect as a patient or visitor coming to Milford Regional:

Hospital Employees

All Milford Regional’s employees are screened daily for symptoms of COVID-19. Those that have symptoms of a possible respiratory illness or fever are not allowed to work until they are free of all symptoms based upon pre-established guidelines. All employees wear masks and other appropriate personal protective equipment in compliance with CDC and DPH regulations.


Please note that the following individuals are no longer considered visitors, but part of the care delivery team, which means they are allowed to accompany a patient:

• In Maternity, the birthing partner
• Parents and/or guardians of patients under the age of 18 years old
• Attorneys of patients
• Companions for patients with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

All visitors should enter and exit through the Emergency Department Entrance behind the hospital under the parking garage.

Patients for Outpatient Services (Diagnostic Imaging, Lab, Endoscopy etc.):

Due to the requirements of social distancing in the waiting rooms, Milford Regional is discouraging anyone from accompanying the patient to their outpatient appointment, including day surgery.

For OB appointments, one support partner may accompany the patient to their appointment.

Admitted Patients

Patients who are admitted are allowed one visitor between the hours of 5-7 p.m., with the following restrictions:

• Only one visitor is allowed per patient, per day.
• At the discretion of the patient’s care team, no visitors under the age of 18 years are allowed except the child of a patient, accompanied by one adult.
• At this time, Milford Regional is not allowing visits for COVID-19 patients.
• All visitors are screened before entering the Medical Center. Those who pass the screening must sanitize their hands, wear a face mask and a visitor tag at all times that expires in 24 hours.
• Once screened, the visitor should proceed directly to the patient’s room. Once the visit is complete, the visitor should exit the Medical Center through the Emergency Department Entrance.

Emergency Department Patients

One person is allowed to accompany the patient during their visit.

Compassionate Care Patients

For patients in compassionate care situations, including but not limited to end of life, decisions about visitation can be made collaboratively with the patient’s care team and their loved ones. Additional visits may be allowed outside of the 5-7 p.m

Hospital Environment


Day surgery patients should enter through the Hill Health Center Entrance. All admitted patients and day surgery patients will be discharged through the Hill Health Center Entrance.

The Imaging Entrance is open for all outpatient imaging appointments.

All other outpatients should enter through the Hill Health Center Entrance.

The Main Entrance remains closed.

Patient Floors

In order to provide safe, effective care for all of our patients, COVID-19 positive patients are cared for in dedicated areas separate from those of non-COVID-19 patients.

Atrium Café

Visitors can purchase food in the cafeteria, but seating is restricted to staff only.

Social Distancing Measures

In order to provide protection for everyone, we have established safe social distancing throughout the hospital, with such precautionary changes as the removal of chairs in waiting rooms to provide greater separation and the installation of Plexiglas barriers.

For some outpatient services, a “virtual” waiting room has been devised to support social distancing. When the patient arrives, he/she calls to note his arrival; whereupon, staff then instructs the patient on when to enter the hospital.

Cleaning/Sanitization Protocols

Hand sanitizer stations and visual reminders to practice hand hygiene are conveniently located throughout the hospital for easy and frequent use by patients and staff.

A team of professional staff are solely dedicated to following strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols established throughout the hospital to ensure the safety of both staff and patients.

For Surgery

Preadmission Testing

Most screening and arranging for any needed tests is done by phone ahead of time. Some tests may need to be performed at the hospital the day before surgery or the procedure. Other necessary tests are done on the day of surgery.

With regard to COVID-19 testing, your physician will call the hospital laboratory to schedule a time for you to have the test done at the Milford Regional drive-thru site 48-72 hours before surgery. Patients are then asked to self-quarantine at home until the surgery date.

Patients who test positive for COVID-19 are notified by their surgeon to discuss steps moving forward.

Day of Surgery

Due to the requirements of social distancing in the waiting rooms, Milford Regional is discouraging anyone from accompanying the patient to the Surgery Center.
Patients are dropped off at the Hill Health Center entrance where they are screened for current COVID-19 symptoms. They are asked to sanitize their hands and are given a hospital-issued surgical mask.

Patients with no COVID-19 symptoms proceed to the Surgery Center. Patients with current COVID-19 symptoms are directed back to their vehicle and contacted by Surgical Day Center (SDC) staff for further instructions.

After Surgery

The surgeon calls the patient’s designated individual at the conclusion of the surgery. SDC staff calls the patient’s designated driver when it is time to be picked up at the Hill Health Center entrance.

Surgical patients are provided with written discharge instructions at the time of discharge and contact information if questions arise.

It is our hope that outlining our safety measures will provide an added layer of reassurance and comfort when you need our services. As your community hospital, we take our role as your local healthcare provider very seriously. Rest assured that every step has been taken at Milford Regional to ensure you receive care that is both safe and of the highest quality.

For the most up-to-date information on hospital services, go to milfordregional.org.