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Pair from HHS join Youth in Philanthropy board

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Education

The Foundation for MetroWest announced 32 students, including Hopkinton’s Kevin Gu and Ashley Wojcik, will represent MetroWest on its Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Junior Board. The students will serve on the student-run board, which functions like a nonprofit board and supports the work of the foundation and the YIP program, during the 2020-21 school year.

“Youth in Philanthropy is a place where passionate, young individuals learn different ways they can help their community,” said Gu, a junior at Hopkinton High School. “By serving on the YIP Junior Board, I hope to gain a more extensive understanding of a real nonprofit organization’s inner workings. By being an active and integrated part of a nonprofit board, I hope to meet other civic-minded students, gain leadership experience, and increase my knowledge of the processes that take place.”

“I joined the YIP Junior Board as a way to learn more about philanthropy and the different nonprofits in my area,” said Wojcik, a senior at HHS. “Along with meeting other high school students in nearby communities, I have enjoyed seeing just how many people are impacted by local nonprofits and how big of a role they can play in people’s lives. This experience has made me more appreciative of the dedicated philanthropists I have met and has instilled a passion in me that will continue for the rest of my life.”

Once students apply and are accepted to the Junior Board, they immediately delve into assessing and addressing the needs of their community: writing grants, volunteering and visiting local organizations across MetroWest. Junior Board members have the opportunity to create change by promoting and supporting youth philanthropy education while providing unique leadership opportunities within their communities. They learn not only the ins and outs of how nonprofits operate, but also crucial skills like teamwork, budgeting, and project management that they can carry beyond the program and into their community and future careers.

Gu will serve on the YIP Junior Board’s fundraising committee. Wojcik will serve on the recruitment committee.


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