Photos: Storm cleanup begins


Monday’s storm brought rain and heavy winds through town, leaving a trail of downed trees and wires. On Tuesday crews began the cleanup process.

Tree cleanup
Workers from American Climbers remove trees that fell on Cedar Street. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
Tree cleanup
Kevin Yurewicz takes a chainsaw to a fallen tree. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
Tree cleanup
A chipper spits out pieces of a fallen tree. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
Tree cleanup
A tree hangs on a wire on Spring Street. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
Officer Powers with damaged car
Officer Phil Powers stands next to his cruiser, which was damaged Monday when a tree fell on it while he was at West Elm Street. Although he was in the car at the time, Powers was uninjured. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
Tree damage
This is the remains of the tree on West Elm Street that fell on the police car. PHOTO/JOHN CARDILLO
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