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Water Department update: Higher bills, chlorine smell not unusual

by | Nov 30, 2020 | News

The town’s Water and Sewer Department is in its first full six-month billing cycle since the pandemic started and has been receiving more calls for high water bills. With most people being at home much more than normal, residential use has increased. Dishwashers, bathrooms and laundry are the major indoor uses. In particular, with the increased use of toilets, leaks in the flapper valve are more likely to occur. Coupled with the increased use in the home, the prolonged drought also has caused a large increase in outdoor usage. These two factors are the main reason for the rise in customer use. Check hopkintonma.gov for water conservation tips and the department’s billing policy.

The town has completed the water blending facility at Fruit Street. This brings all the Fruit Street wells together for common treatment for pH adjustment and chlorination. This will help improve water quality and quantity from the site. In order to comply with the state regulation for disinfectant for the new facility, the town is required to increase the amount of chlorine that is added to the water. This may cause residents to notice a chlorine smell on first draws from the faucet or shower. A whole-house or point-of-use carbon filter will help reduce taste and odor issues.

Check the Water Department media outlets for updates, including Twitter (@hopkintonwater). For instantaneous updates go to groups.google.com/all-groups and select water and sewer notices.