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Water flushing program to begin March 11, temporary water discoloration possible

by | Mar 4, 2024 | News

The Hopkinton Water/Sewer Department announced Monday that the town’s water flushing program will begin on Monday, March 11, creating temporary water discoloration in town with the overall goal of improving water quality.

The town will be conducting systematic hydrant flushing in the Hayden Rowe Street, Chestnut Street, Thayer Heights Road, Front Street and Springwood areas from March 11-22 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., weather permitting. This flushing program requires water flow direction to be changed, and it could potentially cause temporary issues in other parts of town as well.

The work will begin next week because of consistently warmer temperatures in an effort to improve water quality and reduce water discoloration instances. The first part of the town’s unidirectional flushing program was initiated in the fall.

During flushing, discolored water and a decrease in water pressure may occur. Due to the amount of sediment scoured from the pipes, it could take several hours for the water to clear after daily flushing. The discoloration is caused by the mineral deposits that are naturally in the water. Eric Carty, the Water/Sewer Department manager, stressed the water is safe to use.

Residents should make arrangements to minimize water use during this time period to avoid drawing mineral deposits into their water service. Carty urged residents to check the water before using it and avoid doing laundry, dishes and other uses during that time. It is very important that all customers check their water before washing clothes to avoid rust discoloration.

This discoloration should only last a day or two while flushing occurs in immediate area. For brown or discolored water, the Water Department recommends flushing with cold water, preferably with an outside garden hose, until the water runs clear.

For more information, visit the Water Department’s website or call 508-497-9765.


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