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Students shine at HHS Science and Engineering Fair

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Education

More than 60 students presented their original research to a team of judges at the 2024 Hopkinton High School Science and Engineering Fair, held in late February.

HHS chemistry teacher Kristen Murphy was the science fair coordinator. The science fair offers students a unique opportunity to conduct an independent, yearlong investigation into a topic of their choice, according to the school district’s website. Students conduct original experimental research and/or design engineering solutions to important problems. Throughout the year, they complete weekly assignments and share their findings at the fair.

“As always, it was an inspiring day filled with great scientific research and many stories of perseverance and dedication,” Murphy stated in an email.

The regional qualifiers advance to a competition March 8 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They include:

  • “An Examination of the Neuromuscular Impact Induced By Hypermagnesemia & Hypocalcemia in Caenorhabditis Elegan Mutants: A Translational Genomic Model for Paralytic Drug Testing” by Srilakshmi Venkatesan (first place)
  • “Assessing the Feasibility of Dawsonite Production as a Carbon Sequestration Strategy” by Rylee Blair and Disha Mudenur (second place, tie)
  • “A Novel Spectrophotometric Approach to Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring for Type II Diabetes Mellitus Using Correlated Electrolyte Concentrations” by Dylan Striek and Anoushka Nair (second place, tie)
  • “Autonomous Algal Bloom Control via AI-Regulated Photodynamic Therapy” by Kaizar Rangwala and Pranamya Keshkamat
  • “First Animal Study On Novel Drug Candidates Targeting Alzheimer’s” by David Priefer, Kais Guessab and Rishit Shekar
  • “Utilizing CBD as a potential therapeutic in Alzheimer’s Disease by modeling in c.elegans: a nematode for studying neurodegenerative diseases” by Shrija Kumar
  • “BiliSpectro: Building and Testing a Noninvasive Biosensor to Detect Bilirubin Content in Blood” by Jacob Wu and Shrila Maity
  • “Algae Fertilizer: Efficiency and Biosorption of Copper Chlorella Vulgaris” by Juliet Findlen
  • “Advanced Biosignature Detection Model For Finding Extraterrestrial Life using Capillary Electrophoresis” by Garima Chauhan
  • “Natural Water Filter? Utilizing the Phytoremediating Abilities of Water Hyacinth Plants in a Biofilter to Reduce Lead Contamination in Water” by Miyu Hasegawa and Piyusha Majgaonkar
  • “Determining the Optimal pH and Temperature Conditions for Enzyme-Mediated Biodiesel Synthesis” by Alexander Stephan
  • “The Antimicrobial Effect of Squid Ink on Biofilms” by Roma Abraham and Ananya Suram

Murphy thanked the administration, the HPTO and colleagues Charlotte Shire, Tricia Noblett and Connor Zanini, who she noted “have put in countless hours supporting student projects throughout the year and worked hard to make today such a success!”


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