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Business Profile: Bill’s on Main latest evolution of a Hopkinton staple

by | May 2, 2024 | Business, Featured


Bill’s Pizzeria is rebranding as BoMain, which is short for Bill’s on Main. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY BUCHHOLZ SIGNS

Everyone in Hopkinton knows Bill’s, whether it’s from sharing pizza with a team, having drinks and dinner with friends while catching a game, or ordering sandwiches to go for lunch or a cooking-free night at home. The popular restaurant in the heart of Hopkinton has thrived in the town since 1992, even while other dining establishments have come and gone. Part of the reason is that over three decades, the restaurant has evolved. Now, it’s evolving again.

“We’re adding to our menu and services and are changing our name to reflect that,” said Zack Siarkos, whose family owns the eatery. “BoMain is short for Bill’s on Main, and we’ve got a new logo to go along with it.

“The kitchen is expanding. We’ve moved the preparation area downstairs to add equipment on the main floor. Some new staff members, with different specialties, have joined our team as well. All of this allows us to provide new offerings. There will be a sauté station for pasta and stir-fry dishes. We’ll have another oven, not just the ones for pizza. We’re also making even more of our dishes from scratch, like meatballs and breading our own cutlets, raising the quality level.

“Guests will have table service after 4 p.m., which is great for midweek family dining. It’s still casual, but you don’t order at the counter. We’re adding some televisions and expanding the bar area, along with the bar food menu. Expect more varieties of cocktails and additional rotating beer offerings.

“All the new dishes will be available for takeout, with curbside pickup available. And we will continue to offer cocktails to go, something introduced during the pandemic.

“One other change is more options for catered food. The menu for parties, picnics and other events will include additional choices. And we can even send a bartender to your place to prepare and serve drinks for your guests.”

Siarkos believes in changing and progressing, while keeping what works.

“I grew up in the food business, and I believe change is good,” he said. “My uncles opened Bill’s in Milford in the ’70s, then moved it to Hopkinton in 1992. In 2001, my family bought it from them, and we’ve been running the restaurant ever since. We rebuilt and reconfigured Bill’s in 2009, adding the bar area and expanding the menu. I live in town with my wife and two boys and love having my restaurant here.”

“BoMain will be the comfortable place everyone is used to, just better. People will still find the best sandwiches, specialty pizzas and finger foods they enjoy. We’ll be open the same hours. And we’re keeping Saturday night entertainment. To build on that, there will be new dishes and dining experiences.”

The changes are being made while Bill’s remains open for business, with a soft opening for BoMain in May, including new signs and a banner, reintroducing the restaurant to the town under its new name.

BoMain is located at 14 Main Street. Reservations for parties over eight people are recommended. For more information, call 508-435-0447 or visit mybillspizza.com, where orders can be placed online.

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  1. Mary

    Maybe Bills should have consulted someone before this rebrand. I feel like the customer base is parents with young kids. I think parents like bringing kids because it’s very casual, people like the counter pick up and you save money not having to tip a waiter. I think they’re going to lose business to be honest. Also the name is awful, sounds like Lo mein.

    • John

      Mary in summary: sinks, changing the name and adding some different offerings restricts kids from entering. Doesn’t tip service employees when ordering food at the counter. And clearly doesn’t like lo mein but has no problem with the other dozens of words that “bills,” rhymes with

      • Nancy McBride

        These reactions are utterly hilarious!!

    • Franko

      Someone needs a cocktail 🫣

  2. Morgan

    I prefer counter ordering and the name Bill’s. This is a turn for the worst.

    • Lynn Beecher

      Why change if it works?

  3. -

    They painted over the pizza man and now this. They’ve gone too far.

  4. Sheena

    This makes me sad, so many times have we said let’s have lunch at Bill’s, or pick up pizza from Bill’s. I appreciated the atmosphere whether sitting at the bar, walking in with the kids or take out, the food is good. I didn’t expect frills and like that about this place. It feels like they are trying to notch it up a bit which ok, they want to grow you can’t discount that… but still makes me sad that it won’t be what it was

  5. Joyce Michel

    Smart move for Bill’s/BoMain to distinguish itself from the many pizza places now in town. Why limit their name to pizza when they feature a broader menu plus entertainment? Let’s just hope their regular clientele don’t get priced out. And how about calling their house salad “The BoMain Romaine?”

  6. Mark Chatalian

    Good luck, look forward to it.

  7. KH

    We look forward to the new changes! We’ve only gone in once in the 3 years we have lived nearby (didn’t have the best first experience). We will definitely check it out again!

  8. Dominic

    Terrible rebrand and dumb name. Also fyi if you want to tip the workers here, the owner takes it after. Dominoes is also right down the street

  9. SC

    Rebranding is fine but that’s an awful name. I don’t quite understand how they’re going to further expand the bar. They already reconfigured it to take up the entire left side, and recently placed signs at the few tables on that side that would that would forbid me from sitting there with my daughter if the tables on the other side were full. There may be a lot of pizza places in the area but most aren’t for sit-down dining. That really set them apart. They appear very intent on turning this place into a bar. Really becoming less of the familiar pizzeria for families and school teams after a Saturday game. Maybe they should have opened a new location with a different theme.

  10. Kate

    Please just call it Bill’s on Main. It sounds so much better, and still differentiates from the average pizza joint. BoMain is awful, my god.


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