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Business Profile: Birchwood Landscape and Tree provides protection, beautification

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Business, Featured

Birchwood Landscape

Chris Jorstad and Brent Tewksbury bring their combined 70 years of expertise to Birchwood Landscape and Tree, the business they started in Mendon last year.

Ready to clean out the underbrush, spread some mulch and spruce up the lawn? With spring in full bloom, it’s the ideal time to contact Birchwood Landscape and Tree.

Owners Brent Tewksbury and Chris Jorstad worked at the same company for over three decades – Tewksbury managed the landscape division and Jorstad managed the tree department.

“We were executives, so we were on the office side of things,” explained Tewksbury. “The company we worked for was great, but then they sold it to investors.”

That prompted the coworkers to start growing their own business out of Mendon in 2023.

Birchwood offers a full range of landscaping services: seeding, mulching, planting, pruning, spring cleanups, scheduled maintenance, tree work and preservation, irrigation, masonry and even snow plowing.

Tewksbury and Jorstad now spend their days out in the field rather than in the office. Tewksbury’s wife, Michelle, helps with administrative operations for the business.

“We weren’t used to the physical work – we were used to sitting behind desks! It’s been a great thing, though,” said Tewksbury.

Another big difference with owning their own company is making their own decisions — including how to best serve their customers.

The partners at Birchwood can advise on a range of topics, such as which plants need what level of sun exposure, or the ideal conditions to promote a lush lawn. With their combined experience and extensive knowledge, they can also recommend services that would benefit the environment and help maintain property value.

Aesthetic appeal is a significant aspect, but, when done properly, “Landscaping isn’t just about beautification; it’s an investment,” noted Tewksbury, explaining that the investment a customer makes with landscaping helps protect their main investment: their home.

Jorstad said the single most important thing homeowners can do to protect their house and property is tree-trimming.

“Proper pruning and maintenance of trees is huge,” he emphasized, explaining that failure to maintain the structure of the tree can result in a host of risks: dead limbs can fall and crash through a roof; creeping roots can compromise a home’s foundation; untended overgrowth can invite unwanted critters and cause structural damage.

Many features of landscaping serve a functional purpose, and the tactics employed can either inhibit or foster the desired results – such as removing mulch buildup away from the root flare of trees and shrubs to prevent decay. Tewksbury and Jorstad enjoy sharing this specialized knowledge with their customers, and take time to explain their techniques and the reasons for them.

Delivering professional, quality service with a neighborly touch is a cornerstone value for Birchwood’s owners, who both have deep roots in the area: Tewksbury’s family has lived in Upton and now Mendon for more than 20 years. Jorstad resides in Hopkinton.

To schedule a consultation or book a service with Birchwood Landscape and Tree, call 508-416-9509 or email birchwoodlandscapetree@gmail.com. And consider planting a tree in your yard this Arbor Day, Friday, April 26!

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