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Business Profile: Scott Septic solves neighbors’ messiest problems

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Business, Featured

Scott Septic

Rob Scott (left) and Stacey Scott learned the septic business from their father, Rob.

“People don’t call us for fun,” Dottie Scott of Scott Septic says. “Usually there’s a problem.” Luckily for Hopkinton residents, the Scotts are “big problem solvers” who have the technical expertise to respond to those urgent calls with speed and skill.

Family-owned and operated, Scott Septic was founded in 1968 by Don Scott. When he retired in 1981, his son, Rob, and Rob’s wife, Dottie, took over the business. Today, the third generation of Scotts — Dottie and Rob’s children, Rob and Stacey, both born and raised in Hopkinton — serve customers while Dottie manages the office.

“Both of my kids take a lot of pride in solving situations that other companies cannot solve,” Scott says. After graduating from Hopkinton High School, both Rob and Stacey jumped into the septic business. Rob handles septic system installations and excavations, while Stacey manages septic system pumping and repairs and Title V inspections.

“My kids know their stuff, they know it very well, and they get it done,” Scott says. “It doesn’t matter if the job is a big job or a small job. Every job has the same importance.”

During the pandemic, the Scotts’ services were in especially high demand as people spent more time at home, which meant increased septic system usage as well as greater attention to the condition of houses. For homeowners without apparent issues, Scott recommends having your septic system serviced every two years to “avoid drama and trauma.”

Scott Septic also has been busy thanks to the bustling real estate market. People who are trying to sell their houses often find out that their home doesn’t pass the Title V inspection, a septic inspection that is required for the sale of properties. “Title V came into play in 1995, so anything that is over 25 years old could very well not be up to guidelines,” Scott explains, “even though it works fine.”

The family dynamic of the business means customers can expect excellent service, Scott says. “We’re just totally in tune with each other and everybody who calls. Our jobs are intertwined,” she explains. “No customer gets left out; they get the most attention and the best service from all three of us.” As one Hopkinton customer shared in a review, working with Scott Septic was “a totally positive experience” that included a “competitive quote, on-time start and completion,” as well as “courteous and professional” service.

After more than 50 years in operation, the business is poised for continued growth, Scott says. “My kids are in it to win it. They’re only in their 30s,” she shares. “They’ve been here since day one and have no plans to go anywhere else.” Plus, Scott adds, “this business doesn’t go away — it’s a forever kind of business.”

Scott says their goal is to maintain the company’s high level of service and to “be there for people when they need you. That’s important.”

To learn more, visit ScottSeptic.com or call 508-435-4168 for a free estimate.

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