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Greyhound Friends launches campaign to support Irish dogs

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Featured

Greyhound Friends Irish Dog Month 22

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish heritage in March, Hopkinton-based Greyhound Friends is marking the entire month as Irish Dogs Month. The group aims to generate funding support to bring more Irish-bred greyhounds, salukis, and lurchers (greyhound or sighthound mixes) for adoption through its shelter.

The shelter notes that there is very strong adoption interest in New England, and a large oversupply of unwanted greyhounds and sighthounds in Ireland.

“Here in New England there are many families eager to offer a loving home to greyhounds and other sighthounds, knowing that these breeds make wonderful companions and family pets,” Greyhound Friends Executive Director Theresa Shepard said. “Although there are costs involved in transporting dogs from overseas, especially during the pandemic, there are also offsetting savings. For example, domestic dogs coming into shelters often need substantial vetting, which typically includes spay/neuter surgery, dentals, and sometimes extended treatment for chronic conditions, bone breaks, or parasites. But Irish dogs come in fully vetted and ready to go home.”

Added Shepard, “Transport costs for Irish dogs are the biggest challenge in our effort to help more dogs and match them with local families. We are focusing on Irish dogs this March to help raise awareness of the need, and the opportunity, and inviting people to contribute what they can toward this lifesaving effort.”

Contributions may be mailed to Greyhound Friends at 167 Saddle Hill Road, Hopkinton, MA 01748 or made electronically at the group’s website (greyhound.org), noting “Irish dogs” in the comment line.


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