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HPS administrators ‘heartbroken’ following Texas school shooting, plan to review safety protocols in Hopkinton

by | May 25, 2022 | Education, Featured: Education

An email from Hopkinton Public School administrators was sent out to schools families on Wednesday, one day after 19 students and two adults died in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

“We are writing, heartbroken, for the educators, students and families of Uvalde, Texas,” the email reads. “Nineteen students and two adults have incomprehensibly lost their lives.

“Every day the parents of over 4,000 students entrust their children to the Hopkinton Public Schools. Like many of you, we, as district leaders, worry about the frequency of these events across our country, and we understand the angst that many of our staff, students and families may be experiencing today.

“As always, safety is our highest priority. The Hopkinton Public Schools, in collaboration with the Hopkinton Police Department, have adopted the ALICE protocol as a means of responding to threats. The public schools administration along with local police and fire leadership make up a School Safety Task Force that meets regularly to review crisis planning and protocols. Each school has a crisis response team in place. In the wake of this tragedy, each building principal will review school protocols with faculty and staff.”

The email also noted that guidance counselors, school adjustment counselors and school psychologists are available to students, and parents are encouraged to reach out to their school if they feel their child needs support.

“While we keep the people of Uvalde, Texas, in our thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach out if the schools can offer you any resources that help you cope with this senseless tragedy,” the email continues. “We appreciate the trust you place in us and hope you know that nothing matters more than your children’s health and safety.”

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  1. Shweta joshi

    Please let us know if schools need any help
    Like deploying metal detectors , all time security guards around the school premises ? Parents would like to contribute for the expenses happily for the kids and teachers safety .

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