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Letter to the Editor: Morand for School Committee

by | May 13, 2022 | Letter to Editor

Join me in voting for Holly Lynn Morand for the two-year position on Hopkinton School Committee on Monday, May 16.

From Day 1 of Holly’s campaign, she has been meeting with stakeholders and researching the critical issues our schools are facing now and into the years ahead. Holly’s experience and knowledge of our schools and community speak for itself, but I am floored by nearly daily campaign posts of her “deep dives” on the pressing issues facing our community, such as community growth, mental health and bullying and curriculum development, including but not limited to the needs of advanced learners and children with dyslexia.

Holly’s ability to delve into the complex issues facing our school community signifies she’ll be able to hit the ground running on the School Board from Day 1 on the committee. Her communication style is respectful and collaborative — even if she disagrees.

Holly truly embodies pure compassion. Every interaction is thoughtful and filled with curiosity. Her eagerness to hear your story is always evident. She is led not by opinion, but by facts and data. Her grace in the midst of a competitive election season is beyond admirable.

Her campaign sign reads: “Every mind matters.” And that’s her true belief. I believe she will help guide our town’s learners towards becoming a more equitable and compassionate community. “Lead by example,” they say. Holly is most definitely a fantastic example of someone I look up to and want my children to emulate. She has my full support and I invite you to join me in casting your ballot for Holly.

— Chelsea Rockhold, Hopkinton

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