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Letter to the Editor: Town should consider alternatives for Elmwood replacement

by | Nov 10, 2023 | Letter to Editor

To the town: A long-lasting impact both financial and operational is at hand. Please become informed and please vote at Town Meeting on Monday.

There is no doubt a need for upgrade to the current Elmwood School building. It has served the town well in many ways. I might suggest the current proposal which has been diligently worked on by the Elementary School Building Committee might not be the right solution. As a graduate of the school system and current property owner in town, I might suggest there could be alternatives for both location and the size/cost of the proposal.

I am in full support of keeping our schools up to date, but this is not the right solution.

I would suggest each voting member of the town review the points below and then attend Town Meeting on Monday and vote accordingly. Let’s voice our opinions using our civic rights, ensuring the overall voice of the community is reflected in Town Meeting and not just that of any one faction.

Tax impact: Per the town meeting on Oct 24, a home valued at about $753,000 would have approximately $1,000 in additional tax costs for the capital needed to [replace] the Elmwood School.

Middle school renovation and Hopkins School addition: The operating costs post-construction are still unknown and are not included in this $1,086.

Transparency counts: Being informed and participating will only drive transparency, ensuring responsible allocation of resources and deeper understanding of unspoken financial impacts in our near future.

Community growth: An informed voting process for this major project allows the ENTIRE community to collaborate on the best future for all. Your participation is key.

Raise awareness: Many aren’t aware of this project, the upcoming voting dates and the immediate impact. You are running out of time. Let’s spread the word and make sure there is a fair opportunity to influence our town’s future.

Your vote, your voice, your financial impact. Let’s come together and raise awareness for our town’s future.

— David DeStefano, Hopkinton

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