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Letter to the Editor: Youth misbehavior at CVS must stop

by | Aug 2, 2023 | Letter to Editor

Wow! Can’t believe it. Must be dreaming. I’m in CVS on a Wednesday at 3 p.m., and it’s quiet!

Oh, I forgot. It’s July, and school’s out for the summer. That means the “Tweens and Teens Clubhouse at CVS” is closed until the end of August.

OK, let’s get serious. CVS is in business to make a profit. It also provides a service. It supplies medication for people to purchase. As we grow older, we usually need more medication, so a large proportion of its customers are elderly.

Suppose an 88-year-old who walks with a cane is walking down the aisle to get her meds. Two teens are chasing each other, come around a corner, and knock this woman down, breaking her hip.

The woman has a diminished capacity to heal, and her broken hip is fatal. Who gets sued? Probably CVS.

This ridiculous and dangerous behavior must cease. Through a coalition of store management, police, parents and youth, this issue must be worked out.

If the tweens and teens need to make a purchase in the store, they should buy what they need and leave the store like all of the rest of us do. No hanging out in the store!

The way things are now, it’s not fair to CVS or any customer of the store.

— William T. Hamilton Jr. and Alice R. Hamilton, Hopkinton

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1 Comment

  1. Sue Scannell Gilbert

    I agree 100%. Also what about the kids eating snack while lounging in the lobby area of CVS. They always leave a mess when they leave.

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