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Main Street Corridor Project update: Eversource still unable to produce transformers

by | May 3, 2024 | Business, News

The town on Friday provided an update on the Main Street Corridor Project, following an April 30 meeting with representatives from engineering firm VHB, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, project contractor Amorello and Eversource.

Eversource continues to wait for the transformers to complete the undergrounding of utilities on Main Street. No additional information was provided.

The town also announced that Eversource is expected onsite to begin overhead utility line transfer work. This includes overhead work both west and east of Route 85. It is expected to be complete by July 1. When Eversource’s transfer work is complete, the other utilities will begin to transfer their lines. It is anticipated that by September/October, all overhead transfers will be complete, and the old utility poles can be removed.

MassDOT and Amorello are agreeable to having Amorello mobilize to complete any work that can be done. Given the unknown schedule from Eversource for the delivery of transformers, the town wants to complete as much remaining work as possible this year. This includes sidewalks, paving Main Street, brickwork and landscaping. Completion of the transfer from overhead to underground utilities still will need to be completed.

Regarding signal poles and peeling paint, MassDOT has accepted a different repair-in-place process. MassDOT is scheduling a field test for the process on another MassDOT project, but the time and date has not yet been set.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the town’s project website at hopkintonmainstreet.com.


  1. Avery

    Eversource continues to wait for the transformers to complete the undergrounding of utilities on Main Street. No additional information was provided.

    What power does the Town have in this case? Where is DPU on this? Why do these projects get approved and built without the commitment of getting equipment needed to finish? What is the ‘added’ cost incurred by Town for these extensions relative to engineering, overhead and mobilization, project management, coordination, etc,? Are other project element equipment and installations benefit from extended warranty/guaranty because of these delays? Why doesn’t liquidated damages or delay clause take affect in these cases. What can be done to prevent this? What if anything can our Town, State, and Federal representatives do to expedite this? I feel so bad for the businesses that suffer each day this project is further delayed. It is embarrassing.

  2. Parker Happ

    This is going to look amazing upon completion – thanks for everyone on the hard work to get this done!

    Also, a lot of folks may not know there is a Transformer Shortage – here’s some research that may help paint the picture why we are experiencing delays:

    “As the clean energy buildout continues to grow, one of the challenges looming over the industry is shortages and price increases in the global transformer market. National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) researchers produced the report, Major Drivers of Long-Term Distribution Transformer Demand, in order to quantify the long-term demand for distribution transformers.”

    (1) Link to quote: https://pv-magazine-usa.com/2024/03/07/a-look-at-the-great-transformer-shortage-affecting-u-s-utilities/
    (2) NREL Report: https://www.nrel.gov/docs/fy24osti/87653.pdf


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