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New elementary school to be named Charleswood

by | Apr 4, 2024 | Education, Featured: Education

Following a 20-minute discussion at Thursday’s meeting, the School Committee voted to name the town’s new elementary school Charleswood, paying tribute to the Charles River, which starts in the area.

“I like the idea of keeping Charles in the name just because it was popular within the community,” chair Nancy Cavanaugh said during the discussion.

A late suggestion that had some support was Quinobequin, which is the indigenous people’s name for the river.

“If it were easier to pronounce, I did like Quinobequin just because I could imagine folding in elements of native history into the design,” Amanda Fargiano said. “But it is very different from the ones the community put forward.”

Fargiano added that someone had suggested keeping the Elmwood name.

“We’re creating a new school with three grades,” Fargiano countered. “It is a new beginning, so it seemed appropriate to pick a new name.”

Lori Nickerson noted that Elmwood is located near the corner of Elm Street and Wood Street, while the new school will be on Hayden Rowe Street.

During informal polling, Cavanaugh, Nickerson and Fargiano selected Charleswood as their first choice, while Susan Stephenson preferred Charles. After a motion was made, the vote for Charleswood was unanimous among the four members. Adam Munroe was not at the meeting.

Other names discussed Thursday included Charles Way, River Path, River Way, Charlesbend, Charlespath, Charles Spring, Charles Brook, Charles Rowe, Charlesview, Charles Edge, Rivercrest, Brookview, Brookside, Riverview, Riverwood, Echo Lake and Charles Meadow.

“I know this has created a lot of community interest, and I’m thankful for all those who have shared their ideas with us,” Cavanaugh said.


  1. Paul Dibona

    Awful name.
    What is rush to name this School?

  2. Mary

    “…if Quinobequin was easier to pronounce…” is not a statement that honors anything about the character of Hopkinton. It would’ve been easier to state that you’re ignorant but then we’d have to start unboxing the joke that has become of this committee. Way to miss the mark, members.

    • Charles

      If the school’s mascot is NOT the Woodchuck, then I will be pretty upset.

  3. Susie

    Amanda, your white privilege is showing… couldn’t this have been an opportunity to educate folks how to pronounce Quinobequin and the important indigenous connection? It is a school after all, focused on education. Surely we can be a bit more creative and meaningful than Charleswood.

  4. KT

    What an unfortunate name. The committee really missed the mark on this one. Also, Mr. Monroe was absent from the meeting again…..will this be addressed by the SC?

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