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Parks & Rec roundup: Pickleball court plans under review

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Featured: News, News

At its meeting on Wednesday, the Parks & Recreation Commission discussed the designs for public pickleball courts, the town’s “all-hands meeting” as well as current and upcoming projects.

Consultant Andrew Leonard attended the meeting to present a design for public pickleball courts. The proposed design did not include a tennis court, which would be required based on the parameters approved at Town Meeting. Leonard will create an additional plan that includes four permanent pickleball courts and four temporary courts that can be converted into a tennis court. The original design also included 25 parking spots and required the relocation of trails to accommodate the layout.

As the commission discussed the project, concerns arose about the design as well as costs, particularly due to the unknowns associated with inflation. There also were concerns about the logistical management associated with a hybrid court as it shifts between pickleball and tennis usage. In the coming weeks, Parks & Recreation Director Jay Guelfi will convene pickleball leaders in the community to review plans and share additional input.

Department discusses goals

Last Wednesday, Guelfi attended the town’s virtual forum, also known as the “all-hands meeting,” to share the department’s vision and goals. The goals discussed included building a cricket pitch, engaging older adult residents and engaging the community at large to partner in the improvement and design of Parks & Rec programs.

Regarding older adults, Guelfi described a partnership with the Hopkinton Senior Center in which a “puzzle-palooza” will be held in February. Teams of three to four people will compete to finish a puzzle, with the fastest team earning a prize. If successful, the department hopes to organize puzzle events throughout the year.

Additional updates shared

Guelfi reported on the lacrosse wall progress, Pyne Field study, Sandy Beach boat dock proposal and EMC Park amenities building study. He anticipates the lacrosse wall renovation will be completed by next week. The Pyne Field reconfiguration study to accommodate a Little League field and cricket pitch is in progress, while a study for the EMC Park amenities building project has not yet received bids, a delay that has prevented the department from requesting funds from the Community Preservation Committee. …

Guelfi is working with a Conservation Committee agent to develop drawings for the Sandy Beach boat dock, which ideally would be installed next spring. …

Guelfi noted that winter programming has gone “gangbusters,” with high registration numbers and wait lists for programs including in-town basketball and skiing.


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