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Professional Insights: Home selling 101

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Business, Featured

We all hear about homes selling so quickly because there is no inventory, but we may not realize all the prep work that goes into getting those homes ready. Real estate agents often are called in months in advance of selling a home, as people want to plan ahead and get the prep work done to generate the best price for their home.

As a first step, homeowners can call in an agent to discuss the process to put the home on the market. Agents will share with owners the value of the home, explain how to declutter, organize and stage it, suggest improvements to increase the home’s value, and offer resources to help complete these tasks.

Kitchens and baths sell homes and are the best investments for the highest rate of return. Agents refer clients to contractors to replace countertops and backsplashes, and repaint or replace kitchens and baths, and often are involved in the selection process. They also may recommend refinishing hardwood floors, repainting walls in current trending or neutral colors that may brighten up the space, replacing carpets, updating bathrooms, or power washing and/or painting the exterior. Sellers also may be required to have their well water quality and septic systems inspected. If there are problems with either, this allows enough time for repairs.

In addition to time, these tasks can require money, so planning ahead allows you to budget for these projects. Some may consider taking out a home equity line to do these improvements. Savvy real estate agents will be able to suggest alternatives if renovations aren’t affordable. The first step of the home selling process is to call in a real estate agent as soon as possible. They will make it less overwhelming when the time comes to put your home on the market. Also, one of the best things about making improvements early is that you actually get to enjoy them before selling the home versus updating a home for someone else’s pleasure.

Real estate agents will discuss the strategy of when and how to put the home on the market and what price the home will bring. Knowing the value of your home also will help you understand what profits you will have to apply to the next home, so it’s never too early to start the home selling process. Contact a savvy agent today to get started.

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