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Professional Insights: How to determine the right size home for you

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Business, Featured

When it comes to finding your ideal home, there are many factors to consider. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the details, but don’t overlook the importance of finding a home that’s the perfect size for you.

Consider how many people will live in your new home. Are there kids? If so, can any of them share a bedroom? Families planning on having children in the future also need to plan for nursery space and later bedrooms for those children unless they’ll be sharing with siblings.

With the high cost of senior housing, more and more seniors are choosing to move in with their families. If this applies to you, you may want to look for homes that include in-law suites and first-floor living.

Disabled family members may also benefit from having everything they need on the first floor as well as accommodations such as wider doors, sinks with room for a wheelchair, and ramps instead of stairs.

Do any family members work remotely? They’ll need quiet, well-lit office space. Homeschoolers will need room for lessons, and hobbyists might want space for arts and crafts, woodworking or collecting. Depending on what time of day each person needs that space, it may be possible to combine them in a multi-function room.

Don’t forget the fitness buffs in your family. Yoga mats, Peloton bikes and weight benches all take up space.

Your lifestyle also is a major factor in your home’s ideal size. If you love entertaining and frequently have guests, you’ll want larger rooms. A big living/dining room combo might be a perfect fit, and a large deck or patio may be a must for summer parties.

Outdoor space for a pool, a garden and/or pets may be part of your vision. If so, you will need to consider where the mower, shovels, hedge trimmers and the like will be stored.

Remember, square footage isn’t everything. The quality of your space matters. The home’s layout can also make it feel bigger or smaller. According to Movoto.com, the average cost per square foot for homes sold in Hopkinton during November 2023 was $337, so that sunroom or huge kitchen could make a big difference.

Like Goldilocks trying out each of the beds in the three bears’ house, some homes might feel too big, some might feel too small. Think about how you’ll use your new house and ask your realtor to help you find the one that’s just right.

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