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Professional Insights: Ways to give new life to old junk

by | Nov 26, 2023 | Business, Featured

By Jason Schadler

As the seasons change and the leaves begin to fall, you may think about getting rid of old items that have fallen out of use. Or you may want to give your home a more festive look in advance of Halloween and holiday parties by clearing out clutter.

A junk removal company is your best resource for removing unwanted furniture, mattresses and other items — all with no heavy lifting on your part. A worker can come to your home, and with the point of a finger, take away cumbersome items, disposing of them in an environmentally responsible way.

As people downsize their homes or renovate them for the new year, this option may be an attractive way to conveniently clear out space. A junk removal company can help with basement and attic cleanouts, estate closings and other large-scale efforts. Workers then decide where to distribute the goods, such as donating them to a thrift store or local charity, taking the pressure off you during a stressful time.

For those who want to use some elbow grease or spend some time sorting through their stuff, a junk removal company can rent out dumpsters on a weekly basis. This allows for personal satisfaction, as you can see the fruits of your labor being hauled away safely.

When disposing of old goods, a company that offers contactless pickup is a good option during these challenging times. A reputable company will offer several options for pickup of used goods, including curbside service.

Junk removal companies will work hard to make sure usable merchandise will find a proper home. One person’s trash could become another person’s treasure. They can bring furniture to a thrift store, allowing someone to give it a new home with a fresh coat of paint or a cover. Gently worn clothing and shoes may be perfect for a family living on a tight budget.

A local company will work with area businesses to see what can be repurposed to them. For example, old tools or gadgets can find new life in a repair shop because those parts may no longer be made.

Hiring a junk removal service is a great green alternative to dumping usable goods into a landfill. A conscientious company will offer to donate them to a charity or a thrift store free of charge. Some items that these stores find popular are older wooden pieces and kitchen items.

When it comes to the new rules about removal of old mattresses, a junk removal service can offer a lower-cost solution to a town fee. In addition to mattress removal, workers also will break down mattresses and box springs.

For more details, contact Jason Schadler at Affordable Junk Removal, 774-287-1133, or visit the website at affordablejunkremoval.com. The business address is 163 Mendon Street, Bellingham, MA 02019.

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