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Students taken off Hopkinton school bus after ‘toy gun’ incident

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Education, Featured: Education, Police & Fire

Police confiscated a toy gun from a student on a school bus and searched students following an incident Wednesday morning, Superintendent Carol Cavanaugh shared.

In an email to the schools community Wednesday, Cavanaugh explained that at approximately 7:42 a.m. on the Bus 23 run to the high school and middle school, the bus driver “recognized that a student brought a toy gun that resembles a real weapon onto the bus. The driver asked the students to hand over the gun, and the students complied with the request.”

The driver then called the bus dispatcher. Also notified was the director of transportation, who alerted the Hopkinton Police Department. The police arrived minutes later, along with both HHS and HMS administration.

“Prior to letting the students in the back of the bus disembark, the students were patted down and the contents of their bags were also searched by HPD officers,” Cavanaugh shared.

Added Cavanaugh: “The high school and middle school administration are collaborating on an investigation into [Wednesday’s] events. We wish to thank the Hopkinton Police for their quick response time, professionalism, and partnership. As always, student safety is paramount. It remains at the center of all we do as a school district and a community.”

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  1. Paul Gaudet

    A “TOY” Gun, so students are subjected to a pat down and an illegal search and seizure, America has become a police state. Of course in the Marxist state of Massghanistan this is now the norm. I can hear the sound of jackboots goose stepping down Main street already. Pathetic.

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