Town water fountains shut off to reduce spread of COVID-19

Water fountain Town Common 5-30-20
This water fountain at the Town Common is covered by plastic. PHOTO/JERRY SPAR

Following guidance from the Hopkinton Health Department, all publicly accessible water fountains and bubblers in town are being kept off to reduce the risk for COVID-19 spread.

Water-sewer manager Eric Carty said the fountains had been shut off for the winter and were not yet turned backed on. They will be kept off and covered with bags.

Publicly accessible water spigots at playing fields, cemeteries and the beach will be turned on and accessible, but there will be signage stating, “The faucet is not cleaned and the water is not for potable use” (drinking).

For more information, including details about the research used to make this decision, check the press release at the town’s website.