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Business Profile: Under Pressure

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Business

Under Pressure: Safe, eco-responsible, exterior power washing by experts

Hopkinton resident Mark Mercer, owner of Under Pressure, enjoys giving back to the Hopkinton community with in-kind services whenever possible.

Mark Mercer, owner and founder of Under Pressure Power Washing, Inc., knows house washing is essential in the upkeep of any home and loves to educate homeowners and commercial property managers alike about the business.

With 20 years’ experience, he understands that mold, mildew and unsightly debris, such as dirt, pollen, cobwebs and insect nests can accumulate over time on your home’s exterior, causing it to look dull and aged and shortening the life of the exterior paint.

“When I first walk the property with an owner, I can envision what things will look like after our services, and I can’t wait to get on with the work,” Mercer said.

According to Mercer, it’s not unusual for clients to cry or hug technicians once the job is complete — an expression of amazement a good cleaning can make, when it’s done right.

“My team is dedicated to using safe, eco-friendly cleaning methods,” Mercer said. “Our washing services can help revive the appearance of any property, and all of our detergents are safe for pets, plants and people.”

Under Pressure specializes in “soft” washing, which is low-pressure, high-heat exterior cleaning ideal for removing mold, mildew, grime and other surface pollutants from almost any surface.

Gentle and non-abrasive, soft washing is highly effective. Mercer uses a custom-made washing system comprised of cleaning solution tanks and “low-pressure” pumps to clean and rinse at minimal pressures, which help preserve a home’s siding.

Steam cleaning also avoids jeopardizing the integrity of what is being washed, while cleaning and restoring decks, patios and walkways calls for traditional power washing.

Over time, Mercer has expanded the capabilities of the business, grown his team to 16 expert specialists and become a leader in the community.

Under Pressure’s full suite of services maintain the value and appearance of a home. To better service customers, Mercer has bundled the most popular services into the HOME Programs, a year-round maintenance package from spring cleanings and summer cleanups to fall gutter cleanings and winter preparation.

Since every home is unique, each HOME Program is custom designed with the right services and best products to suit the customer’s needs. Homeowners will benefit from the added protection of having a trained expert visit throughout the year to check on areas such as roof condition, gutters, window seals and pest infiltration.

“I like to think we can actually hear the house smile while we clean,” Mercer said with a grin. “In the long run, you’ll save in costs and experience true peace of mind while maintaining your most valuable investment — your family’s home.”

Whether a home or commercial property needs roof washing, patio or deck restoration, or cleaning of walkways, windows, outside furniture, gutters or solar panels, Under Pressure is equipped for the job. Service is efficient, effective and professional.

Visit underpressurewash.com for a complete array of services, view the company’s gallery showcase of “before and after” images, check out client testimonials or secure an instant online estimate. Call 508-944-6644 with questions or to schedule a home evaluation.

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