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Business Profile: For 25 years, Under Pressure helps people love their homes

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Business, Featured

Mark Mercer

Hopkinton resident Mark Mercer, shown with his two children, has owned and run Under Pressure for 25 years.

Under Pressure Power Washing has been providing customized power washing, cleaning and property maintenance for its many customers for a quarter-century.

“It has been 25 years of helping people love and appreciate their homes again,” says Mark Mercer, who owns the Hopkinton-based family business. “We clean and help maintain everything on a home’s exterior from the top down.”

Under Pressure’s list of services include pressure and soft washes for roofs, siding, windows, gutters, decks, patios, walkways, solar panels and fences.

Says Mercer: “Our work helps improve the look of a home and preserve its longevity.”

Because every home is unique, Under Pressure tailors its services for each house and homeowner.

“We use soft washes and eco-friendly products when we are working on the house,” Mercer says. “The first 20 minutes we are on a job is spent assessing what we’ll be doing and protecting the plants and landscaping. We use the right chemicals to do the work of cleaning and killing mildew but not hurt the plants and landscaping around a house.”

The company also spends time protecting exterior lights, cameras and speakers.

“We protect anything that needs to be protected, adjusting our work on-site to the needs of the property,” Mercer says. “We’ve been around for 25 years, so we know how to use our tools the right way. We never pressure wash a house. We save that for walkways or patios. Instead, we do a soft wash, a gentle, eco-friendly cleaning, that will make the house look great while preserving the paint job.”

Under Pressure also can apply an EnvioShield treatment that will help protect from future mildew and mold growth.

Adds Mercer: “We all love nature but don’t want too much of it on the outside surfaces of our homes.”

Providing customers with even greater peace of mind, Under Pressure offers annual home maintenance plans. Mercer says the plans, which have been very popular, include twice-yearly window, patio, deck and gutter cleaning plus siding and roof washing every other year.

“The packages can be tailored to the needs of the homeowner and the property,” says Mercer, noting snow plowing and other services can be added.

The plan begins with an evaluation of the home’s exterior.

“My dad was a builder, and I have been working with homes all my life,” says Mercer. “I understand how houses work and can help homeowners streamline the process of owning a home. We all live in homes, but we don’t all know how to maintain them. I can help a homeowner maintain their home and prevent small problems from becoming big repairs.”

Under Pressure has working relations with trusted plumbers, electricians and handymen who can help with specific issues.

Happy to be celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary, Mercer thanks his community for its support.

“Hopkinton has been good to us,” he says. “We have a great customer base and are glad to live and work here.”

For more information about Under Pressure Power Washing, visit UnderPressureWash.com or call 508-944-6644.

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