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Business Profile: Hopkinton Vision Center keeps focus on positive patient experience

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Business, Featured

Hopkinton Vision Center staff

Staff at Hopkinton Vision Center includes (back, from left): Marilee, Dr. Steven Perryman, Leah and (front, from left) Brittany and Sarah.

By Christine Beauchaine
Contributing Writer

“We are a team with a vision!” Dr. Steven Perryman says about Hopkinton Vision Center, which has been serving residents of Hopkinton and area towns for 22 years.

Perryman, the founder and owner, has seen many positive changes over the past two decades, and he has focused on remaining a “small, personal office” that takes the time to understand its customers’ needs.

In an effort to remain the type of business that has made it successful, Hopkinton Vision Center recently announced an important change regarding insurance. The company will stop accepting VSP (Vision Service Plan) insurance as of Aug. 1, primarily so that staff can keep its focus where it belongs — on customers rather than red tape.

“As I hope you have appreciated, I never feel rushed to get through an exam; I don’t ignore your questions or skip testing because of time constraints,” Perryman explained in a letter to customers. “I like the relaxed pace that allows me to address all of your visual and ocular needs. This can only continue if my office remains small and personal. We are making this decision to keep our office the place you have enjoyed coming to. We hope you will support us through this.”

Limitations to services covered and complexities in billing have made VSP unwieldy, Perryman said, adding that staying with the insurer would mean “becoming an office that resembles a mill, just pushing patients through to get to the next.” Hopkinton Vision Center is unwilling to compromise patient experience, so it decided to move away from VSP.

While vision-specific insurance is out, regular health insurance remains an option. “Almost all medical insurance will cover a routine eye exam,” Perryman said. Hopkinton Vision Center can confirm coverage via phone or email, he added. Additional details can be found on the office’s website: hopkintonvision.com.

Hopkinton Vision Center offers routine care and services for contact lenses, astigmatism, cataracts, dry eye treatment and laser vision correction. Lately, the business has added diagnostic equipment that can photograph the inside of the eye without it being dilated.

“There is no substitute for showing someone the inside of their own eye right in front of them and explaining a problem or concern,” Perryman said.

A 1998 graduate of the New England College of Optometry, Perryman originally started his work career as a lobster fisherman and truck unloader. One day, while repairing a boat, he sustained an eye injury. His treatment and healing process inspired him to learn more about eyes.

When he opened his practice, Perryman was all alone.

“I answered my own phone,” he said with a laugh. “I still do sometimes, when everyone else is busy.”

Now, Hopkinton Vision Center has four staffers in addition to the doctor.

The employees at Hopkinton Vision Center love hearing that they have made a difference in their patients’ lives.

“We are servants to the public,” Perryman said, adding, “If I could go back, I’d do it again.”

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