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Business Profile: Phipps Insurance Agency carries on legacy of family business

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Business, Featured

Phipps Insurance

Residents trust Brian Thomas, owner and president of Phipps Insurance, and his team to provide the best quality insurance coverage to meet their needs.

In September 2017, Brian Thomas was proud to purchase the Phipps Insurance Agency — founded in 1950 by his uncle, Paul M. Phipps — and keep the independent agency at 80 Main St. in the family. The purchase also included its sister company, Ashland Insurance Center, which has been serving members of the neighboring community since 1987.

A 1983 graduate of Hopkinton High School and fourth generation Hopkinton resident, Thomas had been delighted to join the agency right after graduating from the University of Maine with a degree in economics.

“My uncle has always been my hero,” Thomas recalled. “In 1989 he was contemplating retirement and looking for someone who could grow the company.”

Thomas accepted his uncle’s job offer and learned the business from the ground up. He has successfully run the agency for 25 years as its executive vice president and now is gratified to own the company and serve as president.

With a team of six dedicated employees in Hopkinton and two in Ashland, the companies specialize in personal lines of insurance coverage — home, auto, condo and renter — along with some commercial clients. Among the nearly 5,000 clients, the mix is typically 90 percent personal and 10 percent business. Thomas cites the agency as having a 5 percent annual growth rate and a 97 percent retention rate, both a resounding testament to his excellent staff.

“I can’t say enough about our team,” Thomas stated. “They’re unbelievable, and I consider each one of them family.”

In the first two months of quarantine from COVID-19, Thomas’s staff worked only two days a week in the office, employing all necessary safety protocols, and were paid full wages.

“It was the right thing to do,” Thomas said. “None of their expenses were lessening, and these guys and gals are dedicated workers. I wanted to take care of them.”

Honesty, hard work and integrity are bywords at Phipps and could as easily describe Thomas and his employees. Clients trust the team always has their best interests at heart and will protect their property and other investments fully.

Tom Carey, a commercial client, shared, “After 20 years of doing business with your company, your coverages have NEVER left us exposed. I continue to be pleasantly surprised when tragedy occurs that you have us covered. And nobody offers better customer service than Phipps Insurance.”

Beyond that commitment to individuals and businesses, Phipps has deep philanthropic roots in the communities it serves.

“We take great pride in our track record of community support, annually donating to more than 50 local charities in and around the Hopkinton, Ashland and Upton areas,” Thomas noted. “Our commitment to the community is second to none, and we thank all our loyal customers who allow us the ability to continue to support such wonderful organizations.”

Indeed, this legacy of community support and contribution dates to his uncle’s days, and Thomas is pleased to continue that legacy as well.

Visit phippsinsurance.com to discover competitively priced, time-tested insurance options or call the office at 508-435-6388.

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