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Business Profile: Trina Macchi & Co. guides clients amid extraordinary real estate market

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Business, Featured

Trina Macchi

Trina Macchi & Co. offers real estate marketing, consulting and staging “like no other.”

In a real estate market that is constantly changing, Trina Macchi urges people to choose an agent who is deeply “immersed in the field and doing a lot of business. If you’re just dabbling, you’re not really going to be in touch with what is going on,” says Macchi, the owner of Trina Macchi & Co. of William Raveis Real Estate.

Macchi has been a licensed real estate agent since 2002, and her Hopkinton-based company specializes in buying and selling high-end luxury homes. She stresses, however, that an agent who is skilled at selling luxury properties “can sell anything. You must be extremely detail-oriented to present luxury homes properly, and I carry those strengths into any price point.”

As a former interior designer, Macchi has the ability to use her aesthetic talents as an asset. “My design background has been extremely helpful working with sellers and buyers,” she says, “because I can help them visualize the potential of the property.” Macchi is hands-on with clients, advising them on design choices that can result in higher offers. She also has a stockpile of furniture and accessories to help prepare homes and does not charge extra for staging services.

Although interest rates have been rising, Macchi says buyers shouldn’t be deterred. “The historically low interest rates we had are not the norm,” she explains. “So, I really don’t think people should be swayed by rates, because there are programs such as adjustable rate mortgages that are still quite low, and you can always refinance later if rates go down.”

Because she is so attuned to the market, Macchi says she knows how to write offers that stand out — but she’ll also advise clients when to step away. “I’ll tell them, ‘I would not buy this home myself; it’s up to you if you want to.’ Or, I’ll say, ‘I would absolutely buy and live in this house.’ I’m not just there to sell somebody something; I’m there to put them in a place they really want to be.”

When it comes to selling, Macchi stresses the importance of pricing properties correctly. “Right now, buyers are under the impression that you have to go above the asking price. So, they may not bother to compete if you list your home too high,” she says. “Ironically, the lower you price your home, the higher you may end up selling it because you generate excitement and competition.”

As a business under the umbrella of William Raveis, which has offices along the East Coast, Macchi & Co. has connections that can prove useful to Hopkinton residents who are interested in properties beyond the local area. “So, if someone is looking to go from Boston to Florida, I can refer people to agents I know and trust,” Macchi notes.

A testament to client satisfaction, referrals make up 90 percent of Macchi’s business. “The way I look at what I do, it’s not just sales,” Macchi says. “It’s building relationships and achieving goals for my clients so that they’re happy and then they’re thrilled to refer us.”

To learn more, visit trinamacchicollection.com or call or text 508-509-4236.

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